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Toon Page Updates 2021

Started by SickAlice, November 11, 2021, 11:16:01 PM

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Captain Caveman is on Thor Norvell by Gren and JP. I deformed the cape and body and made new feet and added them. I then made Captain Caveman and his club and added them. It's not uniform so it's twitchy. The arms fall into the body but this is only more apparent in CTool as it is in game. I also included a club throw FX.

This can be downloaded on my Cartoon page here


Very nice SA and thank you.

This ought to make Dean happy as well.




Oh to Dean as well? Cool. As long is it does something for anyone that's the goal. This was fun of course. I grew up with the character. Well sort of, I mostly he would get big and fuzzy and yell and I thought it was funny. I do know how to pull that effect off, I thought about for the power move but it would be a real big job and I just don't have it me. If it ever comes up for anyone it has to with swapping, I can explain but the short is to look at TJ and Tom nifs like Plastic Man and Mr.Fantastic where there's just separate models that come and go giving it the illusion of movement/changing. The lapse between animations/lack of seamless transition in these games makes all that tricky though and you can up with a real eyesore of an animation. Like I said I got kind of lucky with this one. I applied some techniques I learned with Mario and went from there. I otherwise was feeling that if I tried to get too tricky it was going to end up too messy when animated so I just kept it simple. Anyways always happy for a fun request to pounce on. And ty cranlox as well.


"sorry she couldn`t wait" superman to wonderman jla/avengers.