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Hildalgo Trading Company - Worldwide Imports

Started by Randomdays, March 28, 2021, 07:55:00 AM

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Open for business.

Newsflash! Doc Savage has returned from another mysterious mission, bringing back more things never seen before!

While traveling, he and his crew also took time to assist any person or government that needed help that they met while adventuring.

Doc has found some more lost civilizations, bringing back live creatures for an upcoming wildlife zoo, where the animals can live in a natural habitat.

The 1st creatures revealed are an African Elephant and Crocodile.

From lost and forgotten lands, he has also found and returned a Giant Spider and a Kraken.

Also, wondering at sights he's never seen before, is a barbarian from some lost northern tribe.

All creatures are for FFvt3R only.

Note; These imports are from other games and for the first time(I think), also include some of their original keyframes as well.

As such, they do not have all the animation choices a standard FF/FFvt3R character would have, but so far with testing, they have worked without issue.

More knowledgeable modders are free to tinker away, hopefully improving their compatibility.

In other news,

Doc took time to drop off some treasure that he had found to help a struggling church in a decaying part of New York.

One of Doc's aides, the famed archaeologist William Harper Littlejohn, brought news of a lost city deep in a South American Jungle.

Doc and one of his other aides, the famed engineer Colonel John Renwick, sped around the country, developing a more efficient oil well in Texas, and gave designs for a large coastal gun and a gun turret to Washington DC.

All buildings are designed as map items for FF, though those inclined are free to take the gunbox and try to turn it into a turrent.

All items can be found on the mag site I'm using;

The imported creatures with new keyframe sets will be under the "00 FFvt3R keyframe import" folder

We expect more news of Doc Savage and his aides shortly. Stay tuned.



What a pleasure when they bring so many exotic imports! Thanks Doc!


FFX add-on for FFvsTTR at


Fantastic, i can just imagine some of the things that can be done now.

"sorry she couldn`t wait" superman to wonderman jla/avengers.


Newsflash!  Update to our previous story!

1) Doc Savage was seen in the city showing the Barbarian from the Lost Northern Tribe what modern civilization looks like. From the look on his face, he seemed rather uncomfortable with the noise, the crowds, and the size of the buildings.

2) it was later learned that he has asked Doc to return him to the frozen, isolated valley that he came from.

Doc, knowing that no ship or plane could reach the valley, readied his airship to fly there with Renny and the Barbarian. Once there, while the airship hovered above the rough, icy ground, Doc flew the others down in the autogyro stored on the airship.

3) The barbarian, Bjorn, was joyfully greeted by his 3 brothers and the rest of the village, who thought he had been lost when he fell overboard during a seal hunt at sea. Bjorn then brought Doc and Renny to meet the tribe's shaman and priestess, as well as the viking queen of the village, Sigrid.

4) After the meeting, the queen and the priestess seemed quite taken with Doc, though the shaman seemed to show a great dislike for the outsiders. With Bjorn, they were given a tour of the village.

5) They went down to a nearby cove where they were shown one of the original, frozen, long ships that their ancestors had crashed on the shore with. There were a couple of long ships there as well, though Bjorn said that due to the large number of krakens and giant octopi that hunted outside the cove's shallow waters, leaving the cove was very dangerous. A larger, heavier ship with mounted crossbows was almost complete, which might help with the problem.

6) During the tour, Doc was followed by some of the women of the village, as tough and hardy as the men. Due to hazards of sea, as well as the hunts that both went out on for walrus, bear, boar and deer, there were more women than men in the village, and quite a few of the warrior women looked at Doc, as well as Renny, as possible husbands.

7) Taking this as a sign that this was a good time to leave, Doc met with Sigrid again. After listening to Bjorn's tales of New York, she was against bringing in 'civilization' to the valley in whole, but recognized that some of what it offered might help her people. She allowed Renny to start setting up for building a small airport nearby.

Leaving Renny behind, Doc took the autogyro back to the airship to return to New York, with a promise of returning with engineers and supplies to start construction with.


Notes on the above;

All the buildings have been converted to FFvt3R, resized, lighting adjusted and bounding boxes added. They have not been tested, and do not have a damaged/ destroyed form to them.

All items are being finished up and should be posted soon.

Edit - All items should be uploaded. The two packs in the map items folder and the rest in the viking subfolder in the keyframe import folder. The older map items from the top of the page have been updated with bounding boxes as well, except for the Coastal Defense gun.

Of course, use them as you need them, besides Vikings, they could also be used with Asgardian or fantasy type adventures.

1) City building pack. Buildings are from both EE2 and EE3. some ofthe EE2 buildings have an alternate winter/ snow skin. A total of 19 buildings are in the pack

2) The airship is from Civ4. It's sized to scale and is quite large - best used for cutscenes probably. The autogro is from the 3d warehouse. Its been recolored to bronze for Doc. Its on modified gunship kfs from Civ4 and the upper blades are animated - the front prop is not. Doc is a male basic mesh with the Gryphon's Doc Savage skin.

3) The 3 barbarian skins are for the EE3 barbarian - the first is an alternate from EE3, and the other 2 were a surprise from Cranlox (thanks!)

The others are all from Civ4 mods on their own kfs. There's also a viking pack on the megasite in the 'ancient warriors" folder I did years ago from Civ5 on FF1 kfs that could also be used.

4) The viking building pack has 28 items from EE2, EE3 and WP2. Some of the EE2 meshes also have an alternate winter skin.

5) The frozen long ship and the large model are from EE3. The other two are from Civ4 mods and have minor kfs for them.

6) The warrior women are from an Amazon Civ pack for Civ 4. The Bear is from WP2 with an alternate polar bear skin, and the boar and deer are from Oblivion. All are on their own kfs.

7) Last, the small airport is from EE2, showing the alternate winter skin.

After everything is done here, look for an update on how Johnny and the rest of Doc's team is doing down in the tropical south.




Wow, that's a ton of amazing stuff, RD!  I am DEFINITELY going to put that wrecked longship into one of my Aquaman missions!  I also love Doc's autogyro!  So cool!
God Bless
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