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Back in the Saddle

Started by UnkoMan, September 17, 2017, 12:05:08 PM

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Recently started playing this again.
I had a lifetime subscription so...
So many Alts. Actually made a couple new characters even. There's a bit more content but, honestly, not that much considering. And it's pies of broken systems stacked on top of each other now. Lockboxes, vehicles, a mess of currencies and gear.

BUT! Well, I still like it. I'm having fun. Finally got The Corpse looking closer to how he is suppose to. Did a whole bunch of costumes. Honestly, I mostly go in, adjust a bunch of costumes, then stop playing. Probably why I only ever got one character to max level. I'm a little addicted!
Oh, I guess I should probably grab screenshots. In a bit, in a bit.

So, does anybody still play? I'd be open to playing some time.


Also, dunno if anybody will see this, but if they do; does anybody have an opinion on which is better for a SHIELD inspired costume for Unko Man?
I'm finally ditching the supergroup costume.

And here are the rest of his outfits, if it matters. I was taking those screenshots, so I thought why not?


I like the one on the right.

I'm done with Champions Online. I wasn't around to preserve my account during the switch over from Atari to Cryptic, and I don't want to start all over again. Plus, I hate their F2P model, and can't afford to subscribe to any game right now. I've been playing DC Universe Online, but had to drop my subscription to it, so I rarely log in now.


Thank you for the input!

Yeah, that's very fair. Actually, I always forget that the free to play version is way different than the game I play. All my slots are freeform, and with all the free "zen" I get each month I unlocked a bunch of costume pieces. Apparently I just read that you can't even colour your powers on the free to play? I can understand nobody wanting to play that.
It's too bad. I thought the underlying game was really fun, and if it had been managed better it could have been a really great game.

I'm still waiting for an MMO with power customization that exceeds or even meets that found in Freedom Force.


Quote from: UnkoMan on September 23, 2017, 03:11:56 AM
I'm still waiting for an MMO with power customization that exceeds or even meets that found in Freedom Force.

Most MMOs I know of struggle with balance as it is. This would just be a killer to try and design. It'd be a bit like the fire/kin controllers from CoH - once people find an optimum setup, they'll swarm the place.

I've been eyeing returning to Champions a bit too... But if F2P will just be a poor experience and the game itself has a lot of convoluted currency to try and manage, it just won't fill the void I still suffer from CoH.


Quote from: Reepicheep on September 24, 2017, 09:13:38 AM
I've been eyeing returning to Champions a bit too... But if F2P will just be a poor experience and the game itself has a lot of convoluted currency to try and manage, it just won't fill the void I still suffer from CoH.

Hopefully City of Titans will fill that void for you.  The main game systems are finally starting to come together.  It's taken a lot of work to get it so the costumes are universal and the weapons and visuals can be applied to any power you like.  They are about to start hiring a full time staff to go into actual full time production.

In the mean time, DCU wasn't bad last time I played it.  I might even be talked into rejoining it if I had some folks to play with.
I am the cat that walks by himself, all ways are alike to me.


As I said, DCU is good if you subscribe. If you're playing f2p, you're limited. You're lowest priority for log-in queue, so at times you might have to wait a long time to even log in. And if you decide to switch characters, that starts all over again. Once you hit lvl 30, except for special events, missions you'll get bored with, and farming 4 and 8 man missions, there's not a whole lot to do aside from PvP and exploring to complete collections. You're also majorly hosed as far as in-game currency is concerned, because you can't do a whole lot with only 2k available to spend, no matter how much you have in the bank.

If CO didn't hose you as far as power choices were concerned, I'd probably be willing to try it again f2p. The limited costume choices and not being able to recolor powers doesn't bother me. But as things stand, there's not a single character that I had when I originally played that I could accurately recreate as far as powers selection goes. Midnight Crusader, my very first character, would be the closest, as he was purely munitions aside from having Regeneration. GhostMachine would be the hardest, because he had powers from 4 or 5 different powersets.

The only time I really miss CO is around Halloween, because I loved the seasonal event.


A big factor is that I'd be playing from a different timezone to you folk. 'Tis why I barely encountered FRers on CoH. So much though I'd like to have a creative Superhero MMO in my life again, it might be a bit lonely.


Freeform was and is the big draw for me on CO.
I get to pick whatever powers I want all the time. Granted lots of specific ones are meant to work together better, but you can still make a decent build with lots of weird random ones.
Plus it gets me higher concepts like, say, a time controlling character using ice (for slow down effects) and various magics.
I honestly don't know what the free experience would be like, and I think even purchasing any of the non-free archetypes is a pretty hefty price. Probably not worth it.
Freeform slot or nothing. Are you not allowed to go back and play your old characters? Did the accounts go away? That's a real shame, but I guess understandable.

I never got that into DCU. Felt confused to me, and the costume choices were just all so terrible, plus I wasn't really into the way the powers worked. On the other hand, playing stories with DC heroes I like was pretty neat. I was F2P though.
I tried a bit of Marvel Heroes a little while ago... that was mindless fun, but not really what I'm looking for.

I guess everybody is just waiting for City of Titans, ha ha ha.


I started playing CO again because of the Halloween event, but I'm considering stopping now that it's over. Because there don't seem to be a lot of helpful people, and I've yet to add anyone new to my friends list. Supergroups don't seem to care about getting new members. I've been asking if any are recruiting for well over a week, and so far I have only had two replies. Neither SG would work for me, as one my characters don't fit their theme, and the other was an RP heavy SG. I looked at the forums, and the SG section seems to be more or less dead. Haven't been able to get in on a Nemcon or Rampage, either. I'm hoping that will change since Blood Moon is over. It doesn't, I'm probably gone.


Ha ha, yeah, I already fell out again. Didn't even try Bloodmoon this year.
It seems like the players playing are hardcore ones. They know the strategies, etc. I always find helpful people in general chat when I have a question about new systems, but I don't generally bother teaming. There was a Mega Destroid event when I came back and people were working together on those, but that only consists of going, "Spawning on this shard, come get 'em."
I met a couple people from complimenting each other's costumes, we add to friends, but then we don't talk, and I generally don't group. Shy even online!

If you ARE looking to do a few missions some time though, I'm into it. I have a bunch of various level characters. I'd like to get Unko from 30whatever to 40 at some point.
I don't think anybody at all does Nemcon anymore. Rampages are rare. Nobody's queueing for the Crisises, which is apparently how you have to do either of those now.


I'm on ocasionally, 2-3 times a week, depending on the time I have available. Feel free to hit me up when you see me online, my handle is @guile1987, same as before.


I'm still around. My handle is @blazingdragon71, which is also my handle for Star Trek Online. Though I only log into STO occasionally.