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Costume Rating 53: Reverse Flash

Started by Podmark, October 21, 2014, 03:50:20 AM

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What do you think of the Reverse Flash's design(s)?

5 - Love it!
4 - Like it
3 - Meh, no strong feelings
2 - Dislike it
1 - Hate it!


Now lets go at the arch nemesis of the Flashes, Professor Zoom and Zoom, also known as the Reverse Flash:

Of course it's similar to the classic Flash costume, but how does the different colour scheme work for you?
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Cyber Burn

5. The only thing that can really be said here, is that this is the perfect contrast to the Flash. The flipped colors are excellent. One of my all time favorite villains. Visually impressive, and recognizable as an equal and opposite force.


Awesome in both incarnations. Both versions have their merits, but I like the second Zoom a bit more for the crazy eyes.


5: It's the ultimate expression of a superhero's dark reflection, a literal color inversion, and it is done well and before this would become just hokey and overused.  It's classic, it's iconic, and it's excellent.  I've always loved the black, glowing eyes version, just because it really makes him seem inhuman and evil.
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It is a great reversal of a heroes costume. I'd imagine most of us have matching votes to our regular Flash ratings.
Also I have an irrational interest in Hunter Zoloman, despite reading only a couple stories with him.
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Best reverse villain design IMO. It works and you could guess the concept just by looking at it, really effective.