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Taking a break...

Started by bat1987, July 14, 2010, 09:43:21 PM

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Well for real life reasons, my mom is upgrading her place so I`m gonna spend as much as i can helping her around, her comp is way too weak for Champs, so I probably won`t be back fulltime until august.
In the meantime i will be posting regularly on FR and all. Champions online-wise cya in august  :cool:


THAT'S why I didn't see you on recently...

Granted, I think everybody is taking a break. Good luck with your mom!


Yeah, hope things work out.

Personally I'm starting to get back in a little. One thing is that all my characters have one "cosplay" outfit meaning it looks like a Marvel/DC or whatever character but not 100% so I'm designing those. The vocalist has a Havoc costume, Ayla is vampirella, American Pride is The Punisher, Gray Girl is Emma Frost... I need to post pics of all my characters and costumes soon.


Thanks guys. I actually got back to my place yesterday, but it seems that my Champions break will last longer than expected.

Apparently the stores that had Champions gamecards dont sell them anymore, and for some reason official site doesn`t accept credit cards from Serbia, i tried 3 different that work both with WOW and COH and apparently not here  :(
I`ll try to think of something in the meantime and I`ll update the thread if any changes occur.


I would ask if you could use Paypal, since that's how I pay my CO subscription. But you'd need an American credit card, I think. :(

Can't find any place online in Serbia (or that will ship there) that sells the cards?


Quote from: GhostMachine on August 12, 2010, 06:07:33 PM
Can't find any place online in Serbia (or that will ship there) that sells the cards?

This is what I`m looking for atm. I`m hoping for the best.


I`m wondering if anyone here has used sites that email you the code instead of shipping it?
I`ve seen several, but I`m not sure how reliable are they, some of them ask for your phone number which I`m not eager to give.
Any help would be appreciated.


Heh I got my 4th refferal subscribed, so I got a gold account till march :).
Since I'm gonna focus on DCUO, I'm not gonna be on as often as I was before, but expect me to pop up from time to time. Definitely wanna team up again with ya guys again (FS nemcon would be awesome!).