Characters (That you don't even play as!?!)

Started by UnkoMan, May 11, 2010, 12:51:28 AM

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Okay so... As you know I don't play a super lot. The Corpse, who I've been playing the most and have has since day one, just hit level 34 last night. He has yet to put away his first nemesis and is my only character past 20.

I do, however, use the character creator. A lot. The thing is, I never really play a character I can't identify with on some level. So why do I make all these random other super heroes? I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy. I know (and have mentioned time and time again) if they implement a mission architect of some sort I would probably be the guy who spends more time making missions than playing them.

And the first one I'd start with would be Weird World.


I'm sure there's a better chest piece for AA. And I keep mentioning bubble helmets in costume request threads.

I also saw some bat wing arm things somewhere? Maybe it was just big fins as arm accessories? That'd work better than a tiny cape.

Except most of them would just show up in the first mission. I don't want to ruin the story for you here, though. Anyhow, I also did a bunch of Liberty Bay characters. Some ended up a lot different from their counterparts.

Doc Astounding was easy and great.

I wasn't sure quite how to do Iron Hide at first, but really like how he came out.

Mighty Mercury had 2 designs. One with a laurel wreath. One a bit more crazy with a weird face piece. I couldn't get the right hat, you see.

White Lightning was simple.

Jester isn't that great but the best I could come up with. Do they HAVE jester hats as an unlockable?

Also Coppertop and Hawk. I didn't want to use the ravenbeak for Hawk's head, but what I got ended up kinda weird. I dunno.

Are you super bored yet? I also made a bunch of guys from this one mod I was planning called The No Goes. It was actually just as big as the original FF game AND I had started plans for a sequel. No, really. It was crazy. Also, a lot of scientology jokes. I won't show them though since people won't know them unless somebody out there obsessively collects the skins I've made of original characters for some reason...

Anyhow, don't lie and act like you don't do it too. You do. I bet you have some characters you've done that you'd love to show off. Even that Wolverine!


After they decided to make Vibora Bay free I was feeling kind of happy so when tax day rolled around I picked up the +2 costumes and the +4 characters. The problem is that I play EVERY character so I have a ton of characters between level 9 - 15 with 2 at 18 and my main at 32

Ayla: From a supernatural RPG I ran for a while. Basically a nun turned into a vampire against her will to see how long she could hold out before being corrupted. Her very small blood consumtion has caused her to revert into a more feral state (wings, monster claws) and she uses holy powers... in my game she carved holy symbols on vampires with her claws, here she blasts them with celestial powers.



Maggie The Mechanic: a hero I created called Chopshop with an inate understanding of all things mechanical. She started with tattoos and piercings and moved on to replacing most of her body with cybernetics. For CO I changed her name to something LOVE AND ROCKETS inspired to see if anyone gets it.


I too wish they had a mission creator tool.  I'd spend all my time with that.


Quote from: Xenolith on May 11, 2010, 04:21:18 PM
I too wish they had a mission creator tool.  I'd spend all my time with that.

Heck yeah... team fights against teams of nemesis. Instanced special missions designed by your friends. Crazy "danger room" scenarios... those are the things that could make this game immortal, especially for super teams.


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It is almost four years later but I just saw these amazing Champions version of the Weird World cast. :)