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Started by BentonGrey, September 07, 2009, 11:49:42 PM

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Ha ha, thanks Bent. Yeah, I remembered you quite enjoying them. Hey! You gotta post Blue Guardian!
I'm sticking with the gold though. I find it more striking. We'll see how alternate costumes turn out.

Speaking of alternates, I finally got around to one for Sea Lad, who I recently started using a bit again.
I figured I ought to make a costume for his father, Leviathan. A genetically engineered aquatic man and the reason Sea Lad is a super hero in the first place, though he isn't the best dad in the world.

The legs and feet are entirely bare, so no need to show them. Old school simple looks here, folks. He is pretty much a rip on Namor.


Is anyone really surprised?

He's kommando@kommando.  Easy enough to remember I think.


Sea Lad and Wild Wave should have a team up.


Posting some alternate costumes now, the standards didn`t change much, but it would look empty without them.

Black Dragon

From left to right : standard, armored, unmasked, scuba,

Freedom society, apocalyptic

Lightning Bolt

standard, golden age, unmasked and Freedom Society


I see I'm not the only one who made a "Civvies" of their primary. :D
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#95's all of my current toons and all of their alternate costumes. :D

Red Sovereign





Wild Wave

Doctor Darklight

Dash Venture

Emerald Eagle


Midnight Manhunter

Red Rocket

Quote from: Xenolith on March 23, 2010, 10:37:23 PM
Sea Lad and Wild Wave should have a team up.

I don't know...Sea Lad looks Lemurian and Wild Wave is Atlantian...might be some friction there :P
Clothes make the man and colourful tights make the Super-Hero.


That's actually Sea Lad's father. He was created by a mad Russian scientist using various human and sea life (and Lemurian in the Champions universe) DNA to make a perfect man.
Creation finds a love of humanity, becomes a super hero, has a kid, then passed on. The kid takes up super heroing in honor of his father, but really is just a twenty something slacker trying to pay the bills.

I see you guys got extra costume slots... and with good reason. Awesome creations there, guys. I've seen Dr. Darklight before. Didn't even know that was you!

I really love Dash Venture though. Perfect colour scheme. The subtle, faded tones make him look all the more pulpy!

I hope CO gets a mission architect eventually. I spend a lot of time making characters that I don't plan on playing.


I used my costume slots for winter, desert, and monster isle adventuring gear for Mister Green.  Nothing worth showing.  :)
One guy was showing me his character "Spider-Slayer" the other day.  Each costume was one of the Sinister Six.  His character was some type of robot that had the powers of the Sinister Six.  I'm not sure what he did for Doc Ock though.


I bought extra costume slots, and there's no way I'm posting pics of every costume all my heroes have, but here's a few alternate outfits:

Clint McBride in street clothes (the Cybernetic Jaw piece on his normal outfit is actually face armor)

Boneyard as Nash Sands. Nash Sands was the identity he used when he was a professional hitman before he gained super-powers and switched sides. The Nash Sands identity is now used sort of the way Batman uses "Matches" Malone. This is NOT how Boneyard, whose real name is Duncan McBain (last name taken from crime novelist Ed McBain), really looks unmasked.

Commander Arkinus in street clothes.

Midnight Crusader in stealth gear. I do actually have a couple of outfits where he is unmasked, but they're basically still superhero costumes, just with sunglasses instead of a mask.


This is why I hope that the next Freedom Force style game uses a city of heroes style creation system with the ability to import custom accesories, textures and animations. The amazing original (and tribute) characters you dudes post are really inspiring. And C6: you make me want to invest into extra costume slots.


On a not completely unrelated note, is there a way to make character design without bying the game?
Because i reallly have no interest in playing the game, but the character creator looks really awesome
Wasn't there an offline version of the character editor released in a publicity stunt of some kind?


Download the Demo and make characters. It might be a free weekend too... cant wait to see your characters.


all right! i didn't know there was a free week-end this week. do they do that for each update?
i might try the game after all...i wonder if there's a way to extract the 3d model after creating them, so that i could animate them with maya/max


There's also a free demo, which lugaru referred to. You can keep playing free as long as you want- you just can't get out of the tutorial, which is a huge disadvantage if you actually want to play the game, but no disadvantage at all if you just want to play with the character creator.
Fear the "A"!!!


As for the standalone creator, yes it was released, but only functioned during the contest they were having. Once the contest was over, they simply took down the contest server.
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ah, so they took down the server for the standalone...quite logicalin fact.
so i'm dowloading the demo, only five hours to go! if i managed to do any "good" design i'll post them here


Well, not really a "good" esign, but i made a quick character to test the demo


i'll let you guess his power set. The demo is rather good, but i still have a hard time with the gameplay and the inventory gestion. I really don't see myself actually playing the game, but i'll give it a few more test drive with other characters.
also, is the demo character editor as complete as the "real" stuff?


Anyone here can send u a refferal code with the full access to the game for 10 days, lvl limit is 15. If u`re interested pm me your mail and I`ll send you a code, because demo doesnt do this game justice.


Well, i'm intrigued. i just gor my travel power and i'm definitely getting more and more interested in the game itself...
If it's not a "one account only" code i'm interested (meaning: if you can send it to your friends too, and i'm not preventing you from giving it to someone you actually know), i definitely want to look around more.


I can send as much as i want actually. Check your mail  :cool:


K, some new things to show :

Yin Yang

standard, ultimate yin, ultimate yang, civilian

Project Greenskin

standard, gladiator

laboratory, freedom society


standard, mecha, stealth


standard,biker, cop, apocalyptic


Thought I'd get in on this with my 3 current heroes:


Left to Right they are

Flashpast: Martial arts w/ Superspeed
Steelskin: Might (Obviously inspired by someone)
Conductress: Electricity
Something wicked this way comes...


Something wicked this way comes...


Here are my three current characters.

First theres The Marine, Mainly power armor with a few might powers to represent the strength the armor gives and two force powers, one of them is a force shield and the other is force casade which is used as a very powerful reuplsor.

Standard Armor

Standard Armor no helmet

Tank Buster

Unmasked Formal

Unmasked Casual

Then there's Red and Black he's a classic kinda superhero, he can fly and he's superstrong (Might).

Hero Costume


Training Gear

An Big Tracker. Master in self defense and brutal fighting methods and he also uses weapons ruthlessly, guns, grenades and dren. Kinda The Punisher/The Comedian/Big Daddy style.

Standard Gear

Jungle Gear


Lord Elcorion

well, i've been foolin around in the free demo a bit, set up two accounts so i could work with four character slots at a time, when FtP goes live, i'll be investing in extra character slots for at least one of the two accounts. here's the four characters i've got so far.

Lynnaria, sorcery powerset, halfdragon from the same universe as Elcorion himself. i've wanted to do her in CoH but since the demon/dragon wings in there are a vet reward that i won't earn for a long time, i was very glad to find i could get a set right off the bat in CO.

next up is Phoenix Phyre, a fire powerset character who gained her powers in an unfortunate accident involving being fused with a Plasma reactor. she created cybernetic implants that allow her to focus and project the plasma energy coursing through her body.

on my other account, we have tigerfury, a supernatural feral character who is a chosen warrior of the cat-goddess Bast. she's going to have big issues with the Viper villain group in game, since she sees them as being servants of Apep, the snake monster that represented pure evil in egyptian myth. all in all, i'm not actually to happy with her head, and i had to use wolf paws that just look like big bathroom slippers on her..

and last up is Bloodshadow, a single blade cyberninja charecter.. i haven't developed her backstory much yet though.
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thanks to everyone who've made me stuff, or included my avatar in something.


So, I basically make characters in this game all the time. My characters start out with four costume slots now. It's great.
Today I decided to try a claw character (though he ended up being half munitions). I think I like him.

He's almost sort of my Bat-Man rip. He goes by Night Raven. Not super original, I know, but I thought Red-Billed Chough was a silly name.


Classic Costume

"Beyond" Costume

Random Heavy Gear Costume (Started out as an homage to Marvel's Night Raven, but quickly got out of hand.)


Well... time to show some of my own chars.


Freeform, mainly Martial Arts + Gadgets (Ricochet Throw)

First, CoH and CO comparison

And then normal, armored and civilian. Really wish we had more shield costume options.

Violet Darkmoor

Freeform,  mainly Dark Magic
Her normal work clothes (mystic investigator), Archmage and clubbing.

Psychic Silk

Freeform, Telekinesis / Telepathy

Her normal uniform and civilian.

Husar de la Muerte

Freeform.Mainly munitions with a few power armor passives.

Heavily inspired on Deadshot. Her costume here is a lot better than on CoH I might add.


Hei, ghostmachine, where can I find your Blue Zombie for download?
It`s fantastic