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Started by BentonGrey, September 07, 2009, 11:49:42 PM

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Hmm, you've improved that FS costume by giving it that richer yellow, Court.
God Bless
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Quote from: BentonGrey on September 15, 2009, 01:22:47 AM
Hmm, you've improved that FS costume by giving it that richer yellow, Court.

I could really see the difference when standing next to The Rogue so I had to change. :cool:
Clothes make the man and colourful tights make the Super-Hero.


Quote from: Courtnall6 on September 15, 2009, 12:27:09 AM
Heh yes I know. The character creator is great but still quite limited in certain areas.

Yep..that it is. ;) And I'm surprised by that.
I can't help it that I look so good baby! I'm just a love machine!


I'm spending way too much time in the character creator....

Canadian Shield - sorry for taking your name C6,  I just wanted to see what the force powers were...  I'll probably revamp this guy into more of a Captain Canuck ripoff with might and forcefields.

here's my new favourite character.. The Grey Moth.  (i was trying to find the name of a cool moth, but Death's Head is overused i think,  There is a moth called the Dark Dagger,  but my guy is a munitions expert.  didn't really go too well.


Thought i might put my characters up for a look see. Comments welcome.



Iron Mistress-Power Armour

IMs 2nd Costume designed to allow her to go to war.

IMs SuperGroup costume. Love the colours and style.




This is Titans 2nd costume,after he spent time in an intergalatic gladiator arena.


I really like Acuman. That's a good classic super hero / cyborg look.

I was trying to do a Vision inspired character, who was a ghost/alien/robot, but just couldn't get a good look down. Then a friend told me why not go all white? So I did.
The Ghost of Mars
I don't know if he'll last as a character, unless somebody wants to start up an Avengers homage team.

I did another fun character of mine, Sea Lad. I've had his CO costume designed for a while, but I figured I'd just make him. Still waiting for a knife replacer on single blade though.

Then, an even older character who never had a super hero name. I just called her Mystery Girl for now, but I don't know if I like that name. Really, she's Elizabeth Hitashi. A teenaged cat burglar, turned super hero, she fell into the secret agent gig when she grew into adulthood.

I started out with her winter gear. I'll do a standard look when I get it. (I should be in Canada most of the time before that anyhow.)

And, so I could see how well fire would work as radiation, The Atomic Beatnik. A highly Ditko inspired character.

But, The Corpse is turning out to be my main. He's quite good at soloing, if I remember to block at the right times. I don't mind that all my missions are usually a couple levels higher than me. With Unko or Danger I usually end up dying, but the Corpse... Well, I guess you can't kill what's already dead. How many costume slots can a character get, by the way?

Cleaning up Chinatown:

Civilian ware:

Possible third, totally glam costume:

I've been toying with really solid colours lately. There's something about this was of a single colour I really like.


One at creation,
one at 15
one at 30 and
one for your Supergroup.
I may be incorrect though,its happened before. :D


nope, you're right, 15,30 + for the first time you join a SG
note if you leave your sg, you dont lose that slot


Here are some better quality pics of my characters if anyone's interested.   jeez, 8 slots isn't enough for me!!

My main toon, detourne_me

My number 2, and other character on Freedom Society, The Grey Moth

My new favourite character, Exemplar, the healing tank (trying to be anyway) Intergalactic ambassador

Lord Congo, King of the Apes

GogoStar, Korean Wunderkind - whom I must re-roll to be a pure gadgeteer...

And finally Katydid, probably my most fun character!


STO/CO: @bluegeek


My two Freedom Society heroes:

Midnight Crusader (Munitions/Supernatural (for Regeneration only)):


Cyberknight X (Power Armor):


And my others:

GhostMachine (Power Armor/Darkness):


Clint McBride (Gadgeteering/Power Armor (for Concussor Beam only)):


Still need upload a picture of Commander Arkinus (Ice), and I have two other heroes I may end up deleting.


Some of my toons, still need to take screens of my mains.

Psimian: Psionic simian superhero of the Savage Continent!

King Hougan: Vexing voodoo hexer from Haiti!

Mr Chalk:  Aggrevated albino antagonist!

The Visitor: Mental marauder from Mars!

WMD: Walking weapon of war!

Cryoblast: Frigid freezing fiend!

I ain't got nothing on Stan when it comes to alliteration :(


I think your names and concepts are pretty darn good.


Really like those designs, Carravaggio. Especially WMD and King Hougan.

Figure Fan

Here's my two:

Mister Z - World famous psychic/martial artist superhero

Quetzalcoatl - Mesoamerican deity with incredible strength, mastery over the elements, and sacrificial powers.

I haven't been playing the game too much. My computer just can't handle it, unless I make the graphics look like Play-Doh..


Heres the rest. Adam Atomic in my main, but WMD and Knighthawker are at the same level as him at the moment.

Knighthawker: Night niched ne'er-do-well!

The Terror: Undead enforcer from the Underworld!

The Gadgeteer: Tech tempered time traveller!

The Marquesman: Mostly mechanical mercenary!

Adam Atomic: Plutonium powered patriarch!

Forge: Plutonium powered progeny of the patriach pictured previously!

I think Stan would be proud of that last one. I don't have many slots left from my starting sixteen, I have plans for a few more offspring of ol' Adam Atomic. I figure the guy has been around since Hiroshima, he's had time to plant some oats, and each child has a different manifestation of his abilities.


Ahh, there are a lot of awesome new heroes I need to comment on!  I'll have to do that tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is my new character, who C6 helped me get a visual handle on:

I give you Star Ranger!

And his FS costume:

Also, Ulysses new FS costume:
God Bless
"If God came down upon me and gave me a wish again, I'd wish to be like Aquaman, 'cause Aquaman can take the pain..." -Ballad of Aquaman
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Here's a, uhh, character sheet for Lord Congo's costumes.
I made the Freedom Society one before I saw one great concept from Unkoman.  Maybe I'll change out the Royal costume for a variation of his concept.

and here's detourne_me as well:


Okay, I suppose it's about time I started showing off some of my characters... I'll start with my three 20+ characters, all of whom are currently members of the Freedom Society, and each of whom now has five costumes, including one FS uniform. However, since I'll be posting all five costumes for each, and providing some background for each character (which I tend to think add something to the costumes, in a way), I'm going to devote a single post to each of the three, starting with... the Verdant Vowel!

The Vowel is a difficult character to recreate in a game of this sort (in terms of his abilities, not his costume, which is very easy), and I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how well I've been able to replicate him, and how well he plays (for now, at least). Yes, he's my single most challenging character to play, but that perfectly fits the character, and, so far, he's quite playable- I just have to use my head somewhat more while playing him than I do for my other characters- which is exactly the way it should be.

The Verdant Vowel is, in actuality, a usually-unemployed actor, who originally developed the character in an attempt to break into PBS children's television. Before he could get to his audition, he found himself having to use the costume and identity to prevent a crime, to save some people, bluffing his way through and convincing the criminals that he was a real superhero, full of "vowelish might". Realizing that he could help people more as a mysterious super-hero than as a character on TV, he continued to use the identity in this way, training himself to... well, not exactly the peak of human perfection, but he's in pretty good shape, and has taught himself some fighting, athletic, and acrobatic skills, at least to an above-average extent. He uses these skills, plus his wits, survival instincts, acting and performance abilities, shear force of will, knowledge of literature, and dumb luck, while portraying the character he's developed for the role, an exaggerated, verbose, overconfident hero-type whose dialogue tends to sound like it was written for a '70s comic by a bad Roy Thomas imitator. Much of the time, he either bluffs his way through, letting his enemies think he's a real super hero, or his apparent personality causes his foes to think he's an incompetent fool, leading them to underestimate him, Unfortunately, sometimes he gets a little to into his role...

In CO, I made the Vowel arse a combination Might (for the punches)/ Unarmed Martial Arts character, with the occasional other ability (I gave him Ego Placate from Telepathy, to simulate enemies underestimating him). Since I decided to stick to the concept, his super abilities are Ego and Presence, and the skills I gave him were all based more on the skill names than on the actual attributes involved- he has Agile, Lasting Impression, Jack of All Trades, Academics, Impresario, Showmanship, and Acrobatics. I've spent a lot of his points on advantages, rather than power ranks- he's not supposed to be super good at anything, but he's got a lot of clever tricks up his sleeve. The only ability he has ranked to three is Lightning Reflexes, because I figured that the combination of his being basically agile and his dumb luck would effectively give him that. Oh, yeah, and his travel power is Acrobatics, and I actually purchased the power advantage for that...

Anyway, somehow, it all works. every now and then, I start having a lot of trouble getting him through missions, and I start thinking that maybe I've reached the limits of how far I can take him as a viable character- but it never lasts. And, even without engaging in the role-playing aspect- I've mostly been soloing him, anyway- he's just so much fun to play. His exploits are always edge-of-the-seat, think-fast adventures, and a surprising amount of the time, they work out very much like a Verdant Vowel story.

Anyway, here are the pics. The first is his standard costume, created originally by MJB, and altered slightly by several other people since then;

The next three are based on alternate costumes or versions, designed by various other people- really happy with the way the first and last came out, especially;

Finally, since I had the extra slot, I did a Freedom Society team uniform for him. Since he is, after all, the Verdant Vowel, the color green and the letter A had to be prominently involved, so I basically gave him the super group uniform, changed the dark blue to equally-dark green and the yellow to egally-light green, replaced the winged symbol on his chest with his usual "A", put the wings in the belt buckle instead, and gave him a star-themed cape (not very visible in the picture), which was as close as I could get to including the sybol on the belt of the standard uniform. I gave him a slightly different mask from any of his other costumes, just becasue it looked better with the outfit. It was only what I was clipping the screenshot that I noticed that the outfit looks kind of like a Green Lantern outfit...

Anyway, that's it for now. Next up will be Brain Boy, who was actually my first FS member.
Fear the "A"!!!


Your homemade hero is such a great concept Alaric!
but...get this... an even better concept for those with extra costume slots....

Oh, and you can thank Unkoman for this travesty, i mean great idea.

p.s. it's kind of Bruce Timm style too in a way


I like the Alaric costume 4th from the top.  It looks like a golden age costuem.

I love the Butterfuly Ninja Liefeld guy.  Too funny.

I also created a FR costume with my extra costume slot.  I also did a "Final Mister Green" to reflect his journey's through the game world.


It turns out that deep inside my sould lies the creativty of Rob Liefeld.  I decided to make a costume for Mister Green that reflected his diverse power sets, his high level (he's experienced), and his non-traditional super-hero status.  I gave him some chainmail, thinking it would look somewhat like Captain America, and it seemed practical.  Then, I gave his some hi-tech chest armor since he took the Invulnerability power.  Well, I liked the looks of the set with pouches around the waist, so I justified that by thinking he carried all his items in those pouches.  Then, he has some sort of gear around his hips with grenades and eve more pouches.  Well, he is a practical guy, so that made sense at the time.  Then, I have him some small shoulder pads to match the chest amror, long black, leather gloves and combat boots, and tossed on his signature green bowler.  Oh, and he had some type of thigh armor, and vials wrapped around his upper arms.

Proud of my new design I began adventuring in the jungles of Monster Island.  After swinging around for a few minutes I realized what a terrible design this was and quickly turned it off.  As a big fan of the Silver Age I can't believe I made Mister Padded-Pouch-PoneyTail Man.  :(



Ah! A ponytail! thats what I forget,  also I need to give him face padding too... like shaterstar.


Have to start preping for work, but here are some screens of the recently updated Tomato and his alternate Freedom Society uniform


That's pretty cool. :thumbup: Too bad you can't put the emblem on the chest.
I can't help it that I look so good baby! I'm just a love machine!


Awesome... Very awesome.
I am not even threatened by the fact that I recently made a red pumpkin head / green interior having guy. (That sentence makes sense, really.)


Few more of mine(this is probably it until I get my main up to at least 15 >.<):

Ch'nybe, my Black Magician character. I gave him Teleport Travel and Shadow Magics, and so far he's been a blast. Probably the most fun out of my characters.

Kid Rocket, my "sidekick" character... not really sure I like how I made him, so I'll probably retcon him soon and give him different abilities.


Wow, your characters manage to look a ton like your own meshes. Sweet job.

PS: Kid Rocket should join Young Freedom. PPS: We really need to set that group up soon. Hopefully we can get people together next week.



Hot off the Character Creator, my newest character, Mahty. She has mostly close-range powers (claws, bite, that sort of thing). I'm playing in the desert now, and I find the fact that I'm basically biting off zombie faces hilarious.

Edit: Went ahead and finished off the last Member of Influx, here's Marauder

To be honest, Marauder is the one character in the whole team I've never quite gotten a handle on... the other four characters have basically coalesced into their current personalities and designs, but Marauder seems to keep changing.