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Transformers: War for Cybertron, Siege

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So, I just saw the trailer for actually looks pretty good.
 I have now exhausted my knowledge on the subject, but I am cautiously interested.  Netflix has earned the benefit of my doubt with the amazing job they did with Voltron.  I hope this will be half that good.  If so, it would be amazing.

So I only know slightly more, in that I know the company making this series is Rooster Teeth... as in Red vs Blue, RWBY, and Gen:Lock Roosterteeth. Might seem like an odd choice if you've only seen the early machinima stuff, but RT has a really amazing animation studio, and they have been super excited for this one. I'm not super big on Transformers, but I like the art style a lot.

War for Cybertron is the current Transformers toyline. It's essentially a modern re-imaging of the original cartoon. The first wave Siege depicts the Autobots and Decepticons war on their home planet Cybertron. The second wave is called Earthrise and is based on the war moving to earth. The last wave was recently named Kingdom and Netflix has hinted it be related to Beast Wars (which has me excited).

This cartoon is a tie-in to the toyline. It will be 3 seasons (Siege, Earthrise, and Kingdom) and the first will have 6 half hour episodes debuting Thursday. Rooster Teeth is producing it and the animation is by Polygon Pictures who animated Transformers Prime and Robots in Disguise, along with a number of CGI anime on Netflix.

This is essentially the successor to the Prime Wars Trilogy animation by Machinima which was generally considered poor. On the other hand Rooster Teeth and Netflix seem excited about this and the trailer looks promising.

Wow Pod, thanks for the info, man!  That's very interesting and informative!

Silver Shocker:
Something I should point out is that the Netflix series has the exact same writers as the Combiner Wars Machina shorts series. I've seen fans on a Transformers-specific news site predict it will be poor based on that, so I'd advise curbing your enthusiasm somewhat. It certainly looks like the production values are higher but the writing might not be too great.


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