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Author Topic: Kittbashing 101  (Read 2194 times)

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Kittbashing 101
« on: August 01, 2013, 05:21:14 AM »
So there's been some confusion of late as to what kittbashing is, why it's considered to be a problem, and what steps members can take to avoid getting into trouble. I want to state at the outset that this thread is not meant as an attack against anyone, but is intended to help clear up some of the confusion for our newer members.

1. What is kittbasing?
Kittbashing, in a broad sense, is what occurs when someone uses content created by someone else without the consent of the creator. It is most commonly applied to skins, but creating a “skope” using mesh objects by someone who has not given their permission is also technically kittbashing. As far as we here at Freedom Reborn are concerned, this is a form of theft.  Now, showing off kittbashes is fine (so long as credit is given), but any attempt to release a kittbashed skin or skope can get you in serious trouble.

2. What are some of the exceptions?
This is where it gets a bit complicated, because there are all kinds of exceptions and caveats, but I'll try to cover the most common exceptions here. When in doubt, contact the original creator (contact info is usually listed in the readme files) and ask.

Nifskope Permission List- This is kind of the catch-all for creating 'skopes. On the Nifskope permission list, you'll find a list of meshers who have given permission to use their mesh pieces for 'skopes. It's important to double-check the list before releasing your skopes, since even some meshers who have given permission have specific rules and caveats (such as Beyonder not allowing skopes of his Doc Ock mesh). Also, credit must be given to any mesher whose work was used in a skope.

Kittbashing Permission List- Pretty much the same thing as the Nifskope list, the Kittbash permission list is a list of skinners who have given permission to new members for using their content. As with the Nifskope list, credit must be given to the individual skinners whose work was used.

Base skins- If a skinner releases a base skin they have created, it is implied that they have given permission for its use.

“Standard” skins- This last one's a bit complicated, but essentially if you're creating an alternate skin for a mesh with a “standard” you don't have to re-skin all the extras (guns, swords, etc.) so long as no modifications are made to said textures, and credit is included in the readme.

3. Why is kittbashing such a big deal?
The issue with kittbashing is that it's considered disrespectful to the people who have poured their hearts into making content for the game. For instance, say you put hours of work into making a metal arm for Cable, or the scarred side of Two-Face's face, and then some jerk changes the color of it and claims it as his own work. You're going to be upset, and, moreover, less inclined to make any further content for Freedom Force.

We at Freedom Reborn respect all our content creators, and we want them to continue to put hard work into their creations. That's why we come down so hard on people who kittbash, even if there's currently no official rule against it.

4. I know X is a kittbash, but is there any way at all I can use it for Y?
As with any rule, we realize there are exceptions. For example, I personally don't care if you need to alter one of my skins if it better suits your purpose, like needing to create a version of professor X with hair for a mod. In cases such as those, you can contact the original creator and get their permission. Most content creators aren't jerks about it; they'll try to work something out with you if you have a legitimate reason to kittbash their stuff. But just be sure to ask them first, not after the fact.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this post (I've asked Stumpy to sticky it for me) but if anyone has any questions or would like to add any information to this post, do not be afraid to PM me about it.
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