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Author Topic: Warriors Reborn?  (Read 1335 times)

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Warriors Reborn?
« on: June 15, 2012, 05:23:26 PM »
Okay, I've totally resisted the idea of trying to manage both a Federation and a Klingon fleet. There's time and energy involved that I'm not totally convinced I have available for two fleets on a casual basis.

But after thinking about it awhile, I think the time has come to consider it. I'm thinking about the name "Warriors Reborn" if it hasn't already been taken.

With the coming of Starbases in Season 6, the promise of more endgame content, and the future development of both the Foundry and PvP I believe there could be some strong synergy between the two fleets.

For PvP and cross-faction scenarios, we would not need to look any farther than one of our fleetmates to find someone to play with or against. The Federation Reborn forums would become a sort of one-stop shop to organize cross-fleet events. There would be a section reserved for the Klingon fleet. Forum members could be in one or the other or both.

There's also the matter of resources. Klingon and Federation characters currently have a slightly different dynamic in regard to crafting, stores, and DO assignments. Something that's easy to get for one side is harder on the other side. We might be able to facilitate some cross-fleet commerce to trade stuff back and forth.

I'm sure some of you, like me, have KDF characters. Don't know about you, but mine isn't in a fleet and she's been accumulating resources. Want a place to park your KDF alts?

If we get a start on it now, we won't be kicking ourselves later for not doing it sooner.

The fleet principles would basically be consistent between the two fleets. Cross-fleet membership would be entirely optional.

So I'm asking what you guys think about the idea. Let me know if there's any interest, or if you have any opinions about it.  I've started a poll over in the Federation Reborn forum at
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