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Author Topic: HeroClix, Freedom Force & Heroes  (Read 1302 times)


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HeroClix, Freedom Force & Heroes
« on: October 07, 2010, 05:47:35 AM »

What are your thoughts on how close or true to the comic book heroes the HeroClix and Freedom Force heroes and abilities/powers/skills are?

I haven't played HeroClix too much recently, but while I was it seemed like it was about cosmic level super heroes (and cosmic level super villains) and pulse wave... For isntance... the 103 pt Batman with the kryptonite gloves couldn't beat Icon Superman (251pts). I believe those pts are right... More over, there wasn't any standard Batman who could beat Superman... I would make good teams that I'm pretty sure in comic books would do good against Black Adam, or Shazam/Captain Marvel, Superman, etc... but for the most part, they got crushed... until I got Metron who fried any and every one who opposed him with pulse wave *lol*. Some of the powers are pretty good, but I think some of them are unbalanced and could use some re-working. Outwit is awesome though.

I'm still working with Freedom Force... so I haven't done enough to give much input here. I know a lot of you here have a lot more knowledge with comics, of course Freedom Force, and maybe HeroClix, so I'd like to hear what you all think.