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Author Topic: What Hero/Villain Needs a Better HeroClix?  (Read 1652 times)


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What Hero/Villain Needs a Better HeroClix?
« on: October 07, 2010, 06:07:15 AM »
Psylocke - She's done a bit since her last fig was released... and when her last fig was released, it was when X-Men HeroClix were always one-shot kills. I think they made X-Men so cheap in points and gave them all like one or two powers so you could make big X-Men teams... Thank goodness they finally started making X-Men stronger. Anyway, Psylocke could be a good piece for about 65-95pts with exploit weakness, psychic blast, maybe BCF?

Luke Cage - He picked it up with the Dark Reign and Siege. Up his values a bit (not too much because the last Luke wasn't bad at all), and leadership.

Clint Barton - He is one of my favorite heroes so I put Ronin on a lot of teams, knowing he will be my downfall... He isn't bad for 55pts, but he could be a lot better now. He earned that much throughout the Dark Reign.