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Happy 2021 !!!

Author Topic: OH NOES! Grond in Millennium City! (Pics from the Anniversary event start)  (Read 1129 times)

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(`Grond' was actually Tumberboy, so we didn't have to fight off the big lug to stop him from eating or smashing the cake. :) This was in MC #5, and a couple of the GMs were also present, but left before I took the pictures.)

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Awesome! Really bummed out that i cant be there right now, but I`ll deffinitely be there starting september the 1st.

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Y'know, I considered saying up for this, but decided I needed sleep...
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Heh, he also showed up a few hours earlier for a Disco themed costume contest the League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons held, and turned into Grond - then lamented for it appeared Grond did not have any of the "Dance" animations. :D
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Very cool, I just loaded up the client to download the update, I'll make some time tomorrow to get in there.