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FF1 to FF2

Started by hmarrs, July 28, 2022, 08:44:16 PM

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Please I need help.
I used to use Nif converter.
To Convert FF1 meshes to FF2 years ago.
Now when I try it keeps asking me for a download and even after I download from the link it continues to ask me.

So I heard that Nifs can be converted using Alex's Hero app.
So I tried but I have no idea how to make that happen.
When I try it tells me its stops running.
Can someone give me a step by step process in case I'm missing something.
Or another way to Convert.


I am also interested in this solution, but last I heard it was a perplexing problem


Necro posting since I'm still getting up to speed.

I've never used the converter myself, using other weapons that work for me.

We've talked a bit Hmarrs about the lessons I've put up, but I've always just used Blender.

Once you've got Blender up and running with the nif scripts installed, just import the FF1 into Blender. When you export to nif, you're able to pick wish version you want to export to. You can usually export just about anything to nif, but there is a poly limit of what the games can handle when you export from other games.

As far as I've tested, I haven't had a problem converting back the other way either - exporting a FF2 nif to FF1. You'll have to experiment with that.

You might also want to look at detourne_me's Blender imports link - a lot of the files are FF1 that have already been converted.


The crash issue depends on the nif. EzHero is just click Nif Convert, select Nif and Keyframes if desired (this is needed to make alterations to the if they are FF1). Check Brighten Lighten values so they will match the second games lighting. This works on "clean" nifs and keyframes hence the depends on what. A lot of skopes will crash, I "think" due to having oddball settings in the nif. Blender as RD says is otherwise a catch-all for most though it requires clean-up in Nifskope after.