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grinnin' like the grinch

Started by detourne_me, December 16, 2016, 07:39:32 PM

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sometimes I feel like Smaug.... I just open up character tool and flip through the hundreds of meshes in my collection.
"dance for me, my puppets!" i nefariously snicker as  i click on words like melee_2_a and get_up_back and watch the animations play out before my eyes.
this treasure trove, built over a decade of collecting, has brought me a lot of joy and an inflated sense of ownership... i know these characters, i own these characters. like an indian in the cupboard they come to life in a way that countless posters, models or action figures can't compete with.
i'm also pretty happy that there is no physical manifestation of the lil guys. i definitely don't have the space to house them all!


Yeah, and like me you just keep making more...

...and more...


Deaths Jester

Sounds like they own you instead....
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