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New Thunderbolts?

Started by crimsonquill, January 16, 2009, 10:46:49 PM

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crimsonquill spilled the beans on who some of the shadowy figures are from the cover of the newest issue...

Can you name them?

And no cheating...

The Ghost (a Iron Man Villian), The Paladin (Merc For Hire), The Irredemable Ant-Man (Definite Comic Relief), The Black Widow 2 (The Blonde Psycho and Apparent Team Leader), and Mr X (Wolverine Villian).

This group is only half of the new team of Norman Osbourne's The All-New Thunderbolts that are going to put a major hurt into the heroes that ticked him off over the years...

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Headsman is also on the team. He's from Untold tales of Spider-Man and worked for Osborn. I'm quite interested to see how this book will do.
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laughing paradox

I like the costume designs but ..

Okay.. didn't Yelena/Black Widow II turn into some some disfigured android chick in the New Avengers? She's healed and looks human again? Was this addressed already or going to be revealed in NTB?


And... Paladin was a GOOD GUY. He worked for Wild Pack for a while, but he always tried his best to live up to his moniker.
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Nuke is also visible in the background.


When did Mr. X go from a ritualistic self-scarrer to a tattooing enthusiast?
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Quote from: Valandar on January 18, 2009, 03:16:14 AM
And... Paladin was a GOOD GUY. He worked for Wild Pack for a while, but he always tried his best to live up to his moniker.

sorry Val, in Heroes for Hire v2 they painted him back to being a complete jerk mercenary who will do anything for a buck. Sadly at the moment the "reformed" Constrictor is a more honorable mercenary than Paladin.
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hmm sadly seem, i'll be dropping thunderbolts


Not a Mr X fan ... he just seems to be a really lazy mash-up of Mr Zsasz, Midnighter and Poochie from The Simpsons.

However, I like the Suicide Squad concept to flesh-out / dispose of Z-grade characters.

I wonder what the Metal Gear Solid-style art is all about?


The Ghost does have a very Psycho-Mantis look to him, doesn't he?