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I don't know that i entirely realized that this was happening, but there are apparently some shots of this new show being developed for Netflix based on Cowboy Bebop.  The original is fantastic, and I would love to have more of it.  I'm not sure how I feel about this adaptation.  I've looked at the images, and while they look pretty good...the original characters are so well drawn and designed that it sorta' feels like people cosplaying as them instead of the characters come to life.  That is probably unfair of me, and I imagine these folks will do a fine job.  Nonetheless, it's a little disconcerting.

Silver Shocker:
Ah yes. Cowboy Bebop. I remember a good 10 years ago or so when everyone was rolling their eyes at Keanu as Spike, and now it's John Cho, and I and everyone is like "Maybe?"

This looks interesting. I've only seen the animated movie and the first few episodes of the show on streaming in recent years, but it seemed like a good show.

-I've always liked John Cho, so I'm rooting for him as Spike.
-Jett being black is fine with me, since Beau Billingslea from the English dub was black.
-I'm on of the those people for whom the lack of Ed is a sticking point.
-Daniella Pineda as Faye is an....interesting choice. And good for them for trying to make them look like the characters (as also seen in Resident Evil and Ghost in the Shell, and various superhero adaptations) but they kinda look like fans in cosplay.

What I will say is I stubbornly refuse to watch this show until I've seen the entirely of the original anime because I want to judge it with a knowledge of what the show was like and how good it was and how the characters were handled.

I have no strong feelings about Cho, but I could see him working here.  My attitude is the same as yours, though.  "Maybe?"

Oh man, yeah, I think waiting until you've seen the original is a good idea.  Go in with the right attitude!  :lol:

Jett being black seems fine to me.  I sort of thought Jett was just a light-skinned black man in the show, probably because of the voice actor.  I now realize that was a little silly of me, in retrospect.  Ha!  Nonetheless, it works for me.

Hopefully Ed will join the show?  The original opens with just Spike and Jett and the rest of the cast fills in afterwards.  It will definitely be missing something without Ed.

Silver Shocker:
Spoiler: ShowHideI assume they're hiding Ed to not spoil that Ed is a girl. Maybe they'll introduce her by having a hoodie or a mask or helmet or something and have a Samus reveal, because showing a real person in live action would make it much easier to tell.

That's true, SS.


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