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Figured I'd make a separate thread for the shows, since the Marvel Movies thread is sort of long and these aren't really movies.

Before I get into spoiler territory for the latest fare (such as it is with just one episode) I'll just say that so far, Falcon and Winter Soldier is pretty by the numbers and bare bones story. It's all competently told and looks fine, but it's a SUPER by the numbers story (especially compared to Wandavision), and I really don't expect that to change. Admittedly, I'm fine with it as a palette cleanser, but I wouldn't go into this one expecting anything new or groundbreaking. It's... fine.

Spoiler: ShowHideBefore I get started on what's probably going to come off as a pretty dismissive summary, I want to say up front that the opening with Batroc the Leaper was cool, if only just to see him in action again. He was one of the cooler additions to Winter Soldier, just making this kinda goofy villain character cool and menacing but still retaining the core parts of his character was something I appreciated, and they made good use of him.

As for the rest... look, I grew up on shows like Monk and Columbo, so I tend to spot tropes and patterns pretty easily... but F+WS is cookie cutter transparent with it's story. John Walker is there to force Sam to take up the shield by the end, likely because he goes too far trying to stop the Flag Smashers (who I'd guess are tied to Zemo in some way). Winter Soldier's arc is to be able to atone for all the harm he's done, and to work with other people again, so he's given a cliche "killed this dude's son" subplot to drive home how bad he was during his brainwashing, without relying on the Stark killings.

Now, I'm still excited to see the show. As someone who takes more of an interest in the visual side, I've been waiting to see Zemo get his proper outfit, and both of the titular characters have MUCH better outfits in this show than in previous outings. I'm also just fine with a lighter "turn your brain off and watch cool action scenes" sort of story this time around. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed to see such cookie cutter story bits and tropes. I don't want any "shock" twists or anything, but I could have done without yet another heavy handed version of the reparations list and the "I killed this man's son" guilt trip that I've seen done multiple times before.   

Silver Shocker:
I liked it, and yeah, it's very straightforward and easy to predict just based on first episode, but I still get quite a bit out of seeing supporting characters get their own show. I find it neat to learn more about these characters than we ever have before.

The action in this episode is very entertaining, and I really like Falcon's outfit in this.

Spoiler: ShowHideTorres was the new Falcon in the comics. That's cool. Also the Female Flag Smasher was Enfys Nest in Solo, which amuses me.

It's still fun for me to learn about how the world has changed in the wake of the Blip, with it being the in universe explanation for recognizable topical events.

I was also happy at the Don Cheadle cameo.

So I'm just posting to let everybody know to avoid toy news sites for a bit. Images have come out of the Marvel Legends line and... There be some spoilers. One was fairly obvious, but the other has some potential implications.

Silver Shocker:
Roger Roger. Almost forgot this was coming out. Admittedly, I don't tend to look at non-TF toys very often. But good to know.

For anyone wondering, spoilers I mentioned? Probably at least 1-2 episodes out, if not something from the finale. So don't run off after seeing today's episode thinking you're safe looking now.

Real quick non spoiler: much better. Episode 1 was kind of middling, but there's more meat to dig into with episode 2. I'll post later with spoilery thoughts, but I geeked out seeing some stuff.


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