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Author Topic: Light a Fire - The Origin of Nyte Dragon  (Read 387 times)

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Light a Fire - The Origin of Nyte Dragon
« on: February 14, 2021, 03:18:25 AM »
Light a Fire - The Origin of Nyte Dragon. Part 1
By Gerri Leah Thomas

 It was a hot and muggy August evening as Engine 705 pulled back into the bay of Everset Volunteer Fire Department. As the firefighters unloaded from the truck, one of them was trying to sneak into the back without getting noticed. She wanted to ditch her bunker gear into the locker and get out before...

 "Jane Alexandra Austin! Stow that gear and get over here!" The voice was deep and while not filled with anger, definitely wasn't a happy one.

 Jane was happy to shed her gear, the smoke smell clung to it. Actually the smoke smell clung to everything, she couldn't wait to get to the showers and scrub herself raw to get rid of the odor. She stripped the gear off, and ran her hand through her shaggy brown hair. She wanted to put this off, but it didn't matter, she was going to hear it sooner or later. Best to fall on the proverbial sword now, then postpone it until she got home.

 "JANE! "The voice shouted, "Stop stalling. My office. Now! "

 Taking a deep breath, she headed towards the fire chief's office. Some of the others turned their heads to look away from her. A few others patted her shoulder or back as she went by. They knew what she was in for. One of them, gave her a half-hearted grin.

 "It'll be okay, Janey, "Levi said, he was an older man, and had watched Jane grow from a toddler into the woman she was today. "You gave us all a frightful scare today, 'specially him. Just let him vent the steam. "

 "Easy for you all to say, "Jane said, "He's not your dad. "

 Jane stepped into her father's office. He was already sitting at his desk. He was leaned forward with his fingers steepled together, watching her. His hair, once jet black, was peppered with grey, and Jane had no doubt she had help put more then a fair share of that grey there.

 "Close the door and have a seat, "He said calmly. This wasn't good. He was keeping all the anger to unleash later in the conversation. She had been on the receiving end of these talks all of her life, so she knew how the script was going to play out. He had to play both sides of the parental coin since her mother had passed away years ago.

 As she sat, she locked eyes with his own. Deep down, she knew she was in for a patented Micheal Austin lecture. He sighed and leaned back.

 "What were you thinking, young lady? "

 "Someone needed rescuing, and I rescued them, "Jane said calmly. She wanted to raise her voice, to slam her hands on the desk with aggravation. But she knew that would just make her father madder then he was, and right now he was being calm.

 "You broke procedure, Jane. You went in with no back-up, "Her dad looked over top his hands, "You were being reckless, even for you. Those rules are there to not just keep you safe, but your squad safe, and the people we help safe. Rushing in some place half-cocked is... is... " He was getting aggravated, the more he talked. Jane saw his neck start turning red, traveling upward. He took a deep breath, "You're lucky, young lady, that you're heading off to college and this was your last call. If not for that, you would be getting put on suspension. "

 That broke it! Jane had been trying to keep her temper in check, but that did it! She leaped up to her feet, "Suspension! What the hell, Dad?" She slammed her hands down onto his desk. He looked down at her hands, focusing on them until she slowly pulled them back. "I saved that kid's life! The roof was coming down, there wasn't time for back-up or procedure! You damn well know, if I was that kid in there, you'd want someone to do any and everything they could to save me! "

 "You're not wrong, "He said, "But that doesn't make what you did any more right. As I said, go ahead and consider your equipment already turned in. I'm not going to draw this out into a long argument with you leaving the day after tomorrow. If you want to talk about it anymore, we can at home tonight."

 "Actually, Dad, I'm going over to RD's house tonight, she's throwing me a going away party, remember?" Jane replied back, standing up to leave.

 "No I don't remember, seems you forgot to mention this 'party'. "

 Jane shrugged, "Well, not so much a party, more like the two of us, a movie or two, hot wings and homemade fudge. "

 "Just the two of you? "His eyebrow raised.

 "Oh come on, Dad, I'm 18. And besides, her mom and dad will be there. With them there, it's not like I'll be making out with my girlfriend... "

 "I should hope not, "He interupted.

 "...much. " Jane finished.

 "Jane Alexandra! "

 "What? "She said with her trademarked lop-sided grin, "It's not like she's going to get me pregnant. "

 "Jane! " He drew a breath, knowing she was baiting him now, "No alcohol. And tell Racheal I said hello. "

 "Can do, "she said leaving, "Love you, dad. "

 "Love you too, Janey. "

 "Suspended? Really? And no hour long lecture? You got off lucky, " Racheal said laughing as she scrunched up closer to Jane on the couch.

 "Well, I'm pretty sure the conversation was going to pick back up at home, "Jane said, taking a drink of her soda, "That's why you 'decided' to have me a going-away party that you didn't know you were giving me. "

 Racheal laughed and the two settled into watching their movie. It was coming up towards one of Jane's favorite parts. Racheal slyly took hold of the popcorn bowl and moved it away. Which was well-timed, for right then, Jane started bouncing in place and tosses mock punches towards the screen.

 "Yeah! Get 'Em! Summer Glau kicks so much butt! Kill those Reavers! "

 "Honey, how is it you've seen this movie a half-dozen times and you still get wound up? "Racheal laughed, pulling Jane back down into her seat.

 "Wouldn't you love to be able to move like that and fight like she does? Four years of Jeet Kune Do, and I still can't move like that. "

 "Well, at least no one will mess with you all the way up north in Liberty City. "Racheal said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

 Jane, even as caught up in the movie, still caught the sound in Racheal's voice. "Sweetie, we've talked about this. We can text, call, and Skype to keep in contact with each other. This isn't the dark ages. I'll be home for the holidays, and the year will fly by, and you can move up their to join me. "

 The two leaned against each other, continuing to watching their movie. Jane turned to Racheal, who still was a little forlorn.

 "Hey you, "Jane said. Racheal looked over to her. Jane leaned in closer, "Love you, Babe." And kissed her softly.

 "Love you too, Jaybird. "

Three years later. Liberty City College

  Jane dried her hair, and looked into the mirror. Over the last two years, she no longer looked like the same fresh faced girl from Everest, West Virginia. Gone was the shaggy brown tomboy hair, now cut into an undercut. The remaining hair was swept to one side, and dyed into shades of purples, pinks, and teal. She had gotten a silver nose stud and a piercing through her septum as well. If her father was still alive, he would definitely not be happy with her new look.

 "What are you getting all fixed up for? "Her roommate called out to her. "Big date? "

 "I told you Mel, "Jane said over her shoulder, "I don't date. "

 "Girl, please, "Mel said, spinning her chair around to face Jane, "I know you hate talking about it, but it's been two years. She left you. "

  "Mel, I'm just going to work. Right now this is my life. Work, class, and studying Parkour. That's it. I don't have time for anything else. "

 "Jane, I love you, "Mel said, quickly adding, "As a friend, ya know. But you have to pull an Elsa and let it go. Go out and have some fun, or you're going to explode. "

 Jane rolled her eyes when Mel added the 'friend' part. Even though Mel had came to terms with Jane's sexuality, she still sometimes seemed skittish about it.

 "I am going out, "Jane shot back, "I'm heading out and going to work. Don't wait up. "

 Jane walked out the door of their dorm room, and headed to the nearby coffee shop. This last few years had been hard on her. Her father passed away only a few months after she moved away. And then just three months afterwards, Racheal broke it off with her.

 Jane was lost in her thoughts, letting her feet move on auto-pilot towards her work. She was so deep into her own mind, she didn't notice the mother and son arguing right in front of her.
 "I told you, Ma, it's just doing deliveries, "the son angerly shouted at his mother, "I'm not robbing anyone, or getting into gang fights. It's all good and it's getting us money. "

 "And I told you, "The mother said, "Nothing good comes from those gangs. Would you let your little sister mess around with them? " She motioned to the small little eight year old child playing with some chalk, doodling on the sidewalk.

 The two continued arguing and didn't spot the car pulling up on the other side of the street. In seconds, three men with semi-automatic weapons leapt out and opened fire. The mother let out an ear-piercing, and soul wrenching, scream.

 Jane's head jerked up from her thoughts and saw the boy diving behind a car, and the mother ducking down in the doorway. But that wasn't what got her attention.
 The little girl that was drawing on the sidewalk was laying motionless. Blood was running slowly out of her mouth, and a pool of the vibrant bright liquid was pooling under her.

 Without thinking, Jane ran into the gunfire and dove on top of the child's body to shield her. She felt something slam into her side, the pain unlike anything she had ever felt before. And again and again, she felt the pain ravage her body. She cried out as the world slowly faded into a small pinprick of light, and then faded into blackness.
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Re: Light a Fire - The Origin of Nyte Dragon
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2021, 07:37:56 AM »
Light A Fire - The Origin of Nyte Dragon. Part 2
By Gerri Leah Thomas


 The steady high-pitched beeping slowly pierced the darkness Jane had found herself floating in. She slowly opened her eyes, which took more effort then she felt comfortable with. Her whole body felt wrong, numb, and her thoughts were sluggish.

 She was in a mostly white room, surrounded by medical equipment. She had IVs running into her arm, feeding a clear liquid into her veins. Slowly, she turned her head from side to side, taking in the room. An older lady was sitting up in her own bed to the left of Jane. Jane tried to talk, but her tongue and mouth weren't listening to her brain. A soft grunt and mumbling noise was the best she could manage.

 That seemed to be enough though, as the older woman turned to see Jane staring at her. She quickly grabbed the remote beside her bed and pushed the call button.

 "Oh, honey, "She said, looking kindly towards Jane, "You finally woke up. I've called the nurses for you. Just lie still, they'll be here in no time. "

 Jane laid back, trying to think through the fog in her head. Why was she in a hospital? Everything was a blur, and forced her to concentrate on her memories.

 She had gotten ready for work, she remembered that. Had a minor argument with her roommate, check. Walked to work, that was still there. Then her mind started focusing, the clouds lifting from her mind.

Oh God, she thought, the girl! That little girl getting shot! The blood! Jane remembered running to cover her, to try and keep her from getting hit anymore. And then she remembered the pain tearing through her. Hot and cold at the same time and feeling like she had been hit over and over with a sledgehammer.


 The monitor audibly raced along with Jane's heart. Her breathing coming in rapid gasps as it all flooded back to her. The nurse was already coming down the hall, and ran into the room.

 "Ms. Austin, calm down! It's okay, you're okay! "The nurse said, reaching to take hol of Jane's arm. But before she could, Jane grabbed her wrist.
"The... little... girl, "she wheezed, "is... she?"
The nurse looked at her, "Miss, you need to focus on...ah!" She was cut off, as Jane squeezed her wrist.
"Tell...Me! "Jane said,  her raspy voice, while still soft, filled with steel.
The nurse's eye turned downcast, "She lost too much blood, and the shock was too much for her. "Jane's hand let go, and she balled her hand into a fist. "Just try and relax, "the nurse continued, "I'll be right back and we'll run some tests. "

 After the nurse left, the older woman got up and moved to the chair beside Jane's bed. She took Jane's hand in her own, patting it gently.

 "I'm so sorry to hear about your little friend, "She said.

 "I didn't know her, "Jane said quietly, sadness tinging her voice, "Now no one will. "

 The woman's eyes widened, "You took three gunshots for a stranger? "

 "She needed help, "Jane said, a tear running down the side of her face, "I just wasn't fast enough, or strong enough, to help her. "

 "You tried, not many people would have even done that, "the lady patted Jane's hand again.

 The old woman stood up and went back to her bed and sat back down on it, "I'll be damned though, sixty-three years living in Liberty City before I finally meet one. "

 Jane turned her head to look at her, "One what? "

 "An actual hero. All them capes buzzing to and fro, and I meet one in the hospital. "She said smiling at Jane.

 "I'm not a hero, "Jane murmured quietly, "Heroes save people. "

 "Poppycock! "The woman replied, "A hero tries when no one else does. When everyone is running away from danger, they run towards it. They think of others before themselves. And when they get knocked down, they dust themselves off, and charge right back in. "

 Jane's lips slowly turned upwards into a faint smile, "Thank you. I'm Jane, by the way. "

 "Mary. Mary Kent, "the woman introduced herself, "Pleased to meet you. "

 Jane was released three days later. She had been lucky that none of the bullets had hit any actual organs. One had hit her in the rib, fracturing it, but stopped there. The others were clean 'in and out' wounds. Most of it was blood loss, although she was going to be walking with a limp for a while.

 The school and her teachers were all very understanding in allowing her to catch up with her studies. Her boss at work was nice enough, plus he liked flaunting that he had the local 'hero' working for him.

 Her parkour teacher, tried to get her to go slow and let herself heal. But Jane insisted that she needed to push herself. That it was her form of physical therapy, as well as mental therapy to deal with what she went through.

 The week after she was released from the hospital, she found her way back to that same street. And even though the sidewalk had been cleaned, Jane could still see dark stains in the concrete. Without thinking, she bent down and ran her hand along the discolored pavement. Looking up, she saw the stoop where she had seen the girl's mother.

 She walked up and found the name on the buzzer, but before she could press it, the door opened. A forty-something woman stood there, an unimaginable sadness in her eyes.

 "I set at the window, "she said softly, "And just stare at that spot. I saw you. "

 Jane had rehearsed what she wanted to say, over and over in her mind. And in that moment, it all slipped away, her mouth opened and nothing came out.

 Finally, Jane managed, "I'm so sorry. "She felt hot tears streaming down her face. "I ... I... ," again words failed her.

 The woman pulled Jane into a hug, "You have nothing to be sorry for. You tried to help. That's more then the police, or the so-called heroes, ever bother doing around here. "

 Jane understood this, all too well. After she had recovered enough, she was questioned by local detectives. But she was also told that given the rampant gang activity, it was unlikely the would catch the ones that did it.

 "I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am, I wish there was something I could do. "She said, her eyes still burning with the recent tears.

 "Unless you know someone who can find those child-killing pieces of slime and make them pay, "The mother said hotly, "We need a hero that actually cares about us little people. "

 Later that evening, Jane laid in her bed staring up at the ceiling. In her head, she kept hearing the mother's voice again and again, and then she would hear Mary's voice too.

"We need a hero... "

 "I finally meet one. "

 "...that actually cares. "

 "They dust themselves off, and charge back in. "

 Jane drifted to sleep with thought swirling in her head. Thoughts of masks, of justice, of what it meant to be a hero.

 The following weeks, Jane's free time was spent assembling materials together. She felt driven by the thoughts she continued having as she slept.

 Slowly, the scraps began to take shape. She had created a form-fitting outfit that was a mix of spandex, leather, and Kevlar. It was colored in shades of blacks and greys. She made it to give her the best protection, but still allow her the freedom to move.

 She had went back and forth on the mask. At first, she thought of a full face mask, but that restricted her breathing. So she left an opening for her mouth and nose. She had taken some anti-glare lens and fashioned them to cover her eyes. The added bonus was the lens were also one-way material, so no one could make out her eyes.

 She wanted the top of the mask to be open as well. But given her rather 'unusual' hair style, it would make it a lot easier to tell who was under the mask. Jane decided on something to help her out on that front. She bought a dark brown wig and worked it into the mask. Now when she wore it, it was still somewhat open, but it concealed her true hair color. 

 Jane got a pair of Kali sticks, she had trained using them with her former martial arts teacher. They were made of the same materials that police batons were constructed of. She also got a collapsible baton as well.

 All that was left was a name. A symbol. And Jane had the perfect idea for it. The only problem was, she hadn't thought of it yet.
 She thought maybe 'Jaybird' after Racheal's nickname for her, but she didn't want something that made her think of her Ex every time someone said it.

 She was reading one of her favorite fantasy novels one night, and she got to the part where the dragons of good returned to the world. The hope they inspired. And it hit her.

  She etched a oriental-styled green dragon winding up and around the left arm, and the head ending on the upper left part of her costume.

 She had the symbol and the name now. She would be....

Nyte Dragon!
Hate is always foolish and love is always wise.
 ⁓Doctor Who