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Author Topic: Transformers: War for Cybertron, Siege  (Read 1496 times)

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Re: Transformers: War for Cybertron, Siege
« Reply #30 on: September 02, 2021, 04:37:28 AM »
So I never did review the final episodes of Netflix Transformers, and I was looking over this thread and said "why not?".

It's, of course, rather underwhelming, but in ways that are interesting to unpack.

The big showdown they've been teasing is reasonably decent, they deliver on an enticing sequence from a trailer, and end on a sequel hook I don't think they actually plan to follow up on at the moment. And of course, Optimus Prime suffers the most crippling damage to his great character since Revenge of the Fallen.

Bittersweet, but not anger-inducing. Toyline was fantastic though.  Just got the best G1-style Arcee figure ever made (that doesn't cost 200 dollars) in the mail recently. :D

Spoiler: ShowHide

-The trailer features Airazor and Blackarachnia joining forces to fight off multiple copies of Predacon Scorpinok. This teamup does indeed happen in the show, and it's fun, but they never explain where the generics came from and it's the only time we see them. It feels really jarring and out of place.

-Blackarachnia likes girls in this show. She calls the pink one [Arcee] "Cute" and plants a kiss on Airazor after saying "my hero" during an aerial rescue in what I have no doubt was a reference to Maximal Silverbolt. If they wanted to include a non-straight Transformer into this show, points for them, they definitely picked the right one. It works on her. Between this team up and the fantastic voice, Blackarachnia effortlessly stole this otherwise terrible show.

-I was prepared for this, but it still stings a bit. Terrorsaur, Tarantulas, Predacon Inferno and Waspinator are not in this show in any capacity. With the first two it makes perfect sense. Starscream and Blackarachnia had the traitor market cornered, and Terrorsaur was always a weaksauce Starscream (to the point that his voice actor voiced Starscream himself in Beast Wars).

But Inferno could have been great and Waspinator's complete absence speaks a lot to the creator's sensibilities. One of the silliest characters in all of Transformers, so away he goes in this show, despite originally being named after and based on The Terminator. Despite the fact that in the very silly Transformers Animated he was a horror-themed villain. Despite having a new toy and being the first or second most popular character in all of Beast Wars. The universe hate Waspinator indeed. Speaking as a huge Waspinator fan, that was shameful of them on multiple levels. Mind you, if he was here, he'd be almost guaranteed to sound terrible. But so did just about everyone not named Blackarachnia so why stop there?

-As blatantly spoiled by the toyline, the Ark transforms into a Transformer itself, but not Omega Supreme, as in Transformers Animated. One of the better parts of this very underwhelming show, honestly.

-Nemesis and Galvatron are defeated, but are retrieved by Unicron who has further work for them. To be continued.....maybe?

-Last but certainly not least. Make sure to read this one Benton. The All-Spark speaks to Prime in the form of Alita One and tells him that in order to prevent disaster Optimus has to give up fighting and surrender to Megatron. And he does it. The guy who's motto is "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" gives up fighting the guy who's motto is "peace through tyranny." Optimus Prime is a friggin' moron in this show!

I'm not angry, but I'm disappointed. I knew full well it was going to be a hot mess, but I love to be pleasantly surprised. And Blackarachnia in this was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Cyberverse season 4 and the Cybertron animated movie can't come soon enough.
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