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Author Topic: cs helper ai disabling  (Read 426 times)

Offline seraglio

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cs helper ai disabling
« on: April 28, 2020, 08:46:51 PM »

I have been having a number of problems with Freedom Force that I detail in the tech forums. In case I am wrong in my assertion that I am experiencing performance issues, I've decided to address each of the issues one by one.

one main issue seems to come down to:

def disable(char):
    js.AI_SetEnabled(char, 0)

This line is in the transmute swap and shrink swap, as well as TONS of swaps I have made. Its used when you need to make the target dissapear, so they wont perform an action while cloaked. On my machine, this no longer works. I don't know when it stopped working but if I trigger a shrink swap, I end up with a normal foe with 1/3 health and green sweat coming from their brow. If I try to turn a target into a tree, the tree flies into the air taking massive damage which is passed on to target. All code that relies on this sort of thing is failing. CSHELPER looks fine, its still being called by FFX main, i'm running a brand new install with no mods of my own and out of the box, it doesn't work. It seems to work when the target is ME(pc controlled), but never under AI control.

Any guesses? Using latest AFF danger rooms, perhaps their is something there constantly turning AI back on? Not sure why this would have changed though, used the same danger rooms for years. Any help or workarounds appreciated.