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Happy 20th Birthday, Freedom Force !!!

Author Topic: With Yahoo Groups dead, any place to get the meshes and skins that were there?  (Read 901 times)

Offline OmegaX123

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I'm getting back into the game since I encountered someone who also used to play back in the day on the subreddit for City of Heroes and it stirred up some nostalgia. Problem is, I'm noticing a lot of old meshes and skins (a bunch of tommyboy's in particular, later versions of the Zemo mesh I've noticed so far, version 1 is on his site but 2 and 3 aren't) were hosted on Yahoo Groups, and recently the service shut down and purged all the content (either that or it's about to and the site is extremely slow because of people trying to salvage the files, I don't remember what the date was that they said they were doing it), so unless someone kept an archive, anything that was hosted there is lost to the ages. I'm wondering if anyone has some of that old stuff, or knows where I can find it if it's still around but no one here actually has it?

Offline daglob

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My participation is spotty these days, but several of us tried to save the stuff in the Yahoo Groups. Just request what you are looking for in the Requests form, and I'm sure someone will help you.

Offline Cyber Burn

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There are a few of us left who collected quite a bit from those old groups. Like Daglob said, post in the Requests threads, and I'm sure someone can help you out.

Offline Cybertronian

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I don't have everything, but I did keep (any maintain) a few oddballs. {to the editor: "oddball" is not a cussword!}

Fair warning... some of my Sailor Scout/Warrior meshes (thank you AfghanAnt and Ink!) have unique keyframes, so they aren't doing the Power Ranger/boy band thing.
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