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Author Topic: Bootleg Civil War figures  (Read 2029 times)

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Bootleg Civil War figures
« on: November 08, 2016, 09:59:33 PM »
So I've come across these figures a few times going through ebay, finally sat down today and did some digging. Apparently a bootleg company from China (I say bootleg because it's not clear that they're licensed, and the packaging does not have Marvel branding... though it does feature the movie's title prominently) has been producing what are apparently somewhat decent figures. The paint apps are admittedly awful, but the sculpts and articulation are actually fairly decent... I've seen certain figures come out of Mattel that are far worse.

What's got me most intrigued though, is Vision. For those not in the figure "know," Vision was one of only 3 characters present during the airfield battle not to receive a figure in the Marvel Legends line (the other two being Black Widow and Hawkeye, who have both gotten figures during previous films). He was also notably absent from the Avengers 2 merchandise, since Marvel was keeping his appearance as much of a secret as possible, thus his absence from most early merchandise. He's also noticeably absent from both Marvel Select AND S.H. Figuarts lineups, though the former is understandable (MS only makes 3 figures a year, and Figuarts COULD still make one.)

Now, the bootleg figure is by no means a perfect solution... the bootlegs are scaled in-between the scales of the Marvel Select and Legends lines, so they're a bit on the large side to go with Legends (sorry to anyone thinking about getting a Hawkeye)... but as-is Vision sits just below Thor's height, which is actually appropriate. Tthe paint app is iffy... I'll almost have to repaint the entire thing. But for anyone who was, like me, sorely missing a Vision figure among your MCU shelf... it might be worth looking into. Admittedly, this one's on the backburner (getting that exclusive Falcon is top priority on the MCU side) but I figured I'd let everyone know about them JIC.