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I just watched through all of them so just to throw out some opinions on them.Son of Batman,WAR and Throne of Atlantis are already commented upon extensivly,so im gonna skip them.All of them have awessome cast,just to clear that out.Most actors from DCAU reprise their roles.Nathan Filion as Hal Jordan(Sheldon would be happy),and Neil Patrick Harris as Flash were absolutly brilliant.

-Wonder woman- I really dont like sitting through origin stories I already know too well.And it recycles the Hades arc from JL,but with Ares in his place.Really nothing new for me here.  :(

 -Batman: Assault on Arkham-More like Deadshot,The Movie.Im not a fan of Arkham games in the first place,so it doesnt sit right with me.King Shark was a nice adition.

-Batman: Year One-Origin story,but handled pretty good.Bryan Cranston is great as Jim Gordon.

-Green Lantern:First Flight-Again,origin story we all know.But more of a police drama with Sinestro and Hal at first.Its okey.

-JL Flashpoint Paradox-By far the BEST of them all.Stellar voice cast,great animation,great story.It has everything.  :thumbup:

-JL Crisis on Two earths: It was supposed to be Grand Finale of DCAU,but sadly its a stand alone film.Owlman was a great villan,we tottaly need more of him.Again,good movie.

-JL New Frontier: Reimagining the Justice League in the 50s was brilliant.It was great seeing how the heroes change through the movie.Unfortunatly its only 70 minutes,so there wasnt place for anything more.

-All-Star Superman-Functions great as the final Superman story,but suffers from WAY TOO MANY subplots.Seriously there is enough material for a season of TV here.

-Batman the Dark Knight returns-It was great simply.Great final story for Batman.One of the best Batman adaptations I ever watched.Spoiler: ShowHideAlso Batman finally kills Joker.

-Batman: Under the Red Hood-Its a masterpiece,quite simply.Jensen Ackles is brilliant as Jason Todd.

-Green Lantern:Emerald Knight-A collection of stories about notable GLs like Abin Sur and Mogo(hehe).Very entertaining.

-JLA Adventures:Trapped in Time-Very childish,bur fun.Loved the Time Trapper.

-Justice League Doom-Not mindblowing,but pretty good.It was nice seeing Malefic.

-Superman/Batman Public Enemies-Probably the weakest of the whole lott.I mean Lex Luthor kisses Amanda Waller,whats with that? :doh:
Toyman was funny,thou...

-Superman/Batman Apocalypse-I liked it,not much to add besides that.

-Superman Unbound-A little different take on Brainiac.Very mediocre IMO.

-Superman vs the Elite-It captures everything I liked about Superman.A does a lott of questioning on his moral choices.Probably my favourite movie here.
-Batman vs Dracula-Kinda nonsensical,but a good movie.

Cyber Burn:
Sorry, but spoilers would have been nice for those who haven't seen these yet.

Oh,now I see one thats problematic,sorry.Im gonna tag it when im on PC.

Done,and done.

Silver Shocker:
I really liked Batman: Dark Knight Returns. I own pt 1 on Bluray. I think it's the only DC animated movie I own that wasn't taped off tv (I should really replace my VHS recording of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker with a DVD or Blu-Ray one of these days though). I like the movie of DKR a lot more than the comic, which I wasn't really impressed by. The music was epic and Micheal Emerson was a pretty great Joker. Peter Weller as Batman was incredibly hit-or-miss IMO.

Spoiler: ShowHideI don't see it as Batman killing the Joker. He beats him quite a bit and apparently breaks his neck to paralyses him (I don't think either version of the story makes it clear if that would kill him) and Joker (somehow) snaps his own neck just by turning/twisting/tensing it. Not really Batman's fault IMO.

I saw Son of Batman a while ago and I thought that was decent. While most of the rest of the cast was meh Damion was IMO pretty good. I'm looking forward to the next one with him.
JL Flashpoint Paradox was just ok. I never read the comic but my interest in it was always pretty low. 
I'm actually watching JL War right now and it's pretty mediocre. The animation is rather hit-or-miss and the voice acting in general is pretty weak. I agree with anyone who said WW was terrible in the original thread. She didn't sound right for the character at all and the line delivery was pretty weak.
[Edited to add] I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by Alan Tudyk as Superman. He was surprisingly decent. Sounds very similar to Tim Daily and George Newbern from the DCAU though. Hal Jordon was annoying as hell. And he seriously sounded like Glenn Quagmire to me.

That's the main thing that bugs me about some of these movies. The stunt-casting. Ever since Flashpoint, they've all been largely stunt casted to a fault. It's mostly guys from current tv shows who have little to no experience with voice acting. Sure they've done it before (Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd is a good example) but the movies have suffered for it lately IMO. I can't see going back to the DCAU guys (as JL Doom and the Superman/Batman movies did) as anything but an improvement.


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