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Author Topic: BTAS or TNBA  (Read 1625 times)

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« on: November 30, 2014, 06:19:32 PM »
So there really isn't an appropriate place for this, so I'm just putting this here because it's more relevant to the people who read this board anyway.

As most people are aware, DCC has been putting out brand new figures based on the Batman Animated series of figures. I'm getting very shaky on whether or not I'm going to get them already, and I think once I get one in my hand it's going to break me. I'll probably hold off a full conversion until they put more out, but I might cherry pick a few here and there.

The only real issue I'm having is, which versions do I want to get? DCC has said that they eventually plan to do both TNBA and BTAS versions of the characters, and they've been doing them in such a way that both versions can be collected together. Before, with the Mattel/Kenner lines, this was a non-issue... the early BTAS figures were such eyesores that even the few gems they had were outdone by the better figures made during the TNBA era. This, combined with the fact that I prefer the style of TNBA overall anyway, resulted in only two BTAS figures being in my collection (one of which is Man-Bat, which I HATE).

Now though, I have the choice, and that's a little daunting. I'm having to take each character on a case by case basis just to keep my thoughts straight. Thus, I'm gonna list out all the characters I have, with a rough idea of where I'm leaning. Feel free to chime in, give your own opinions, etc.

Batman: JLU has always been the definitive look for me, but failing that, I might have to go with the BTAS figure... the thing is gorgeous. I might mod it to have the non-signal logo (I have DCUC covering that look for him) but otherwise it's better in every respect.
Nightwing: TNBA. I have my DCUC figure covering the BTAS look.
Robin: TNBA, only version of Tim, and he's always been my Robin
Catwoman: BTAS, most likely. Catwoman kind of needs to be a woman, and the TNBA design seemed more like Catgirl.
Batgirl: TNBA, I like the colors better.
Gordon: TNBA, has a sleeker look.

Joker- JLU, but failing that, BTAS. No one likes TNBA Joker.
Clayface- Whichever. Preferably TNBA, but I currently have BTAS on my shelf and it doesn't bother me.
Scarecrow- TNBA. While the TAS look is more "classic," TNBA scarecrow is just cool.
Penguin- TNBA. The TAS figure looks awesome, but I'm a sucker for a more classy Penguin. Besides, I already have a Devito Penguin.
Two-Face- TNBA, but there's very little distinction.
Riddler- BTAS. I'm a sucker for a suited riddler.
Mad Hatter- TNBA, because I HATE the taller version of Mad Hatter.
Deadshot - JLU (no BTAS or TNBA appearances)
Mr. Freeze- TNBA, like the colors... but not the spider legs. Those can go die.
Poison Ivy- Possibly TNBA? I'm second guessing that right now. I want to see how a TAS figure looks.
Man Bat- Whatever the DCC version is. BTAS?
Talia- Either
Ra's al Ghul- Either
Killer Croc- TNBA. The gray version looks off to me.
Black Mask- Custom
Ventriloquist- Either
Victor Zsasz- Custom
Harley Quinn- TNBA
Bane- TNBA
Red Hood- Custom (Red X)

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« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 09:30:53 PM »
Ya its tricky like I said in the other thread. For Batman, I like both of the designs (slightly prefer TAS), but I'd go for TNBA in your case since most of the characters (bat family included) you're getting are TNBA desings.
Never liked TNBA Catwoman, TAS is much better IMO. Wasn't fan of Bane's gimp mask in TNBA, I think TAS is better. Like you said, TNBA Joker was weird, they even changed it in Batman Beyond movie. Riddler didn't even speak in TNBA if I remember correctly and design was kinda generic. Everyone else I either like them equally or preffer TNBA so I agree with the choices.

I do things a bit differently with collecting though(a bit OCD with this lol). Regardless of my preference I'd always go for a single line, be it TAS or TNBA, because OCD in me wouldn't stand seeing designs mixed up on the shelf, especially the distinct ones.

Whatever you choose, its gonna be an impressive looking display at the end of the day that's for sure.

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« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2014, 10:22:51 PM »
Batman Beyond Joker basically felt like the prototype for what we eventually saw in JLU, and that's basically the definitive version for me... JLU in general I feel struck the best balance between the almost excessively rounded designs TAS had, and the sharp angular designs of TNBA.

That said, I totally get where you're coming from on being OCD and wanting to only collect designs from one of the lines. Like I said though, while I generally prefer TNBA, there are just as many designs in it that I can't stand or that I don't care for as much as the TAS appearance. Since the DCC line one is doing the TAS designs more angular and kind of blurring the line between them anyway, I'm ok with getting the odd TAS figure like Riddler over a design I don't care for as much.
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