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Author Topic: My collection...  (Read 1337 times)

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My collection...
« on: November 13, 2014, 01:55:12 AM »
Here is a sampling of my collection of baseball cards (If anyone cares):

A little less than half my collection's value is in the box on the left.  I have 27 boxes of cards ranging from 1948 to 2014.

Bottom, left to right: Ralph Kiner 1948 Bowman Rookie Card (My oldest card), Ernie Banks 1954 Topps Rookie Card (My most valuable card at ~$1,500 +/-), Al Kaline 1954 Topps RC, Ted Williams 1954 Topps #250 (Tied for my 3rd most valuable card at ~$1,000 +/-), Harmon Killebrew 1955 Topps RC
2nd Row, left to right: Frank Robinson 1957 Topps RC, Orlando Cepeda 1958 Topps RC, Bob Gibson 1959 Topps RC, Carl Yastrzemski 1960 Topps RC, Willie McCovey 1961 Topps RC
Top, left to right: Billy Williams 1961 Topps RC, Gaylord Perry 1962 Topps RC, Lou Brock 1962 Topps RC, Willie Stargell 1963 Topps RC, Phil Niekro 1964 Topps RC

Bottom, left to right: Joe Morgan 1965 Topps RC, Steve Carlton 1965 Topps RC, Catfish Hunter 1965 Topps RC, Tony Perez 1965 Topps RC, Ferguson Jenkins 1966 Topps RC
2nd Row, left to right: Don Sutton 1966 Topps RC, Rod Carew 1967 Topps RC, Tom Seaver 1967 Topps RC, Nolan Ryan 1968 Topps RC, Johnny Bench 1968 Topps RC
Top row, left to right: Reggie Jackson 1969 Topps RC, Rollie Fingers 1969 Topps RC, Carlton Fisk 1972 Topps RC, Mike Schmidt 1973 Topps RC, Dave Winfield 1974 Topps RC

Every card listed above, with the exception of Ted Williams, is the first card of a Hall of Famer.

Not shown: Mickey Mantle 1958 Topps (Tied for my 3rd most valuable card at ~$1,000 +/-), Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Autograph (My 2nd most valuable card at ~$1,200 +/-, one of the most sought after cards of the last few years.)

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Re: My collection...
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2014, 04:25:02 PM »
I used to collect cards when I was little, but then got into comics, but still, that is one awesome collection!
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