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Author Topic: Marvel Movies  (Read 73754 times)

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Re: Marvel Movies
« Reply #930 on: September 07, 2021, 01:40:00 PM »
 I do believe that was done at least once in the comics. Maybe in the Ultimate universe?
''Even our origin stories have gone sour.''
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Re: Marvel Movies
« Reply #931 on: September 07, 2021, 10:42:53 PM »
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I saw a tv spot that gave that reveal away, so I knew already myself. I don't have any strong feelings about it personally.

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Re: Marvel Movies
« Reply #932 on: January 19, 2022, 05:01:39 PM »
So, I finally got around to seeing Eternals.
While I did like it a little better than Shang Chi (Turns out I find Awkwafina incredibly annoying), it's not great. To echo my earlier comments, maybe if this had been a Disney+ series it would have had the time to develop these ancient characters a lot better. Slowly introduce them and flesh out their concept more. Then the "big reveals" would have had more impact, and the characters would have been less shallow.
That being said, I thought it did so-so with what it had, but the end result was a bit boring to me. I fell asleep during a fight scene or two.

I'll put my other thoughts in spoilers.
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Marvel is never a direct comic adaptation, as we all know. There are a few things in this that really change certain characters, though.
Sersi, to begin with, is given main character treatment. Okay, Sersi is dope AND she was an Avenger, so if they are setting her up to be one again (with Black Knight) I'm all for it. However, her character in this is completely changed. She DOES like humans the most of every Eternal, that much is the same, but they have lost her fun loving spirit. Plus, they stuck her in a monogamous relationship for 5000 years? That's completely unlike her. She frigs.
The other characters fulfill their roles in the movie, and their personalities closer to their comic counterparts. I especially liked Sprite's anger at being a child. Again, this would have felt better if it could have been more developed over the course of a series. Given the Ikaris is the "bad guy" and Sprite goes with him twist way more depth.

The Deviants are another wasted opportunity. This is a full race of mostly sentient beings, each one unique. They did a little bit of the "Eternals aren't really the good guys" but almost no "Deviants aren't really the bad guys."
In this they are little more than animals, and despite having unique designs, basically all look the same. They are a generic plot device characters, much like the Chitauri. They might as well just be Chitauri.
The movie also eliminated Thena and Kro's on and off millennia long relationship. This is a huge plot point. These characters have depth and shades of grey throughout, that were totally washed away.
Also what's up with Kro's Ultron voice? Yeah, that's supposed to be Kro. In name only.

Another huge plot point is that both the Eternals and Deviants were created from the ancestors of humans. Celestials made them, and then modern humans with latent genes that allow for certain humans to gain superpowers later on.
That's not a thing anymore. They trick you by saying they are aliens at first, but then turns out they are some kind of creature/robot/replicant fully created by Celestials. The thing where they can be reborn with wiped memory is from a certain comic run, but in this... what do they die every time? When they are reborn for another planet, do they look entirely different to match the species of the planet they were sent to? How many different groups of Eternals are there supposed to be now? Was Thanos' planet destroyed because of a Celestial egg?
Sorry, there are a bunch of questions now.
Also, humans suck. The Eternals invented everything for us, from the wheel to society. Without them, then what? We'd just be a bunch of mound living people, hunting fish with sticks, and that's it? Is that what this movie is trying to tell us? Also, I guess they taught us American Sign Language. (I'm not mad, I think it's pretty funny.)
The shows about "Ancient Aliens did Everything" are all 100% accurate?

Celestial design, they've decided to go with a more boring and organic look, I guess? Also, we hear them speak right out the gate. Okay, whatever.
I wonder if they are going to retcon that Ego calling himself a Celestial nonsense? Why he wouldn't call himself and Elder of the Universe or something is beyond me. Seems like an error you could fix with a little trickery and change all the digital copies with, at this point.
Anyway, these are set up for, what, an Avengers down the line? Or another Eternals? I don't really see a reason to have another Eternals movie, and my head keeps wondering when will they start building their next Avengers team? The space stuff could go in a Guardians movie or... well, who knows where they are going? They seem to have a lot of cosmic characters and plotlines now.

And a final complaint, that Bollywood number was too Americanized. In particular the singing, and not just because it was done in English. Come on, Bollywood is dope. Give us a full number.
Ha ha ha.

Sorry, ha ha, that's a bunch of writing. Probably more than the movie actually warrants? Oh well, I am just thinking out loud.
Also, what's with the digs at the Uni-Mind? Uni-Mind IS an awesome name. Phastos, I believe in you!

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Oh yeah, and I forgot my biggest question which is, why are the Eternals so selectively bad or good at fighting Deviants? This is actually a complaint with most science fantasy action movies. Like how Buffy can't take one of those uber vamps in season 7, but then she CAN take one, and then everybody can casually kill them in an all out war. I wish shows would stop doing this.
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