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Happy 20th Birthday, Freedom Force !!!

Author Topic: The Litterbox site update thread  (Read 45199 times)

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Re: The Litterbox site update thread
« Reply #360 on: September 16, 2022, 06:26:20 PM »
Basically the same from me. However you guys want to, I'm not the host here (now I'm kind of toying with looking into that next year, maybe buy and reserve some storage space?). Regardless I'm not ready to make a move at this moment. I have my entire site backed up already. Also again I think I should clean it up before releasing it again, it was an obvious mess.

And otherwise I have a lot of time looming, figure I'm looking at three to four months from now. I haven't actually settled on where the house is going to be at this moment so it's kind of up in the air for now. Either Bullhead City, Kingman/New-Kingman and *maybe* Fort Mohave. I really want Lake Havasu, it's gorgeous and I love taking the London Bridge ferry. But expensive. I'm basically holding for a bit and trying to predict the next housing market bubble burst, it seems to be set in that three month period. I lost a really good bid in Lake Havasu in 2008 the last time the market crashed and don't want to make an inpatient move once again and/or just end up having to flip it like I did in the desert in 2021. If that helps to explain my timeframe. This will effect when I will have an internet connection, time to rework the site and links and when I won't if that makes enough sense.

Short of it is as far as my stuff is concerned there is a lot of time to figure it out. No rush needed here. And yeah life WyldFyre. If I could devote it all to Freedom Force, painting, sculpting, gardening, gaming and volunteering in community I would be all up in that. Then again that's the goal I'm working towards with all this. It's how I'd like to retire sans medical stuff.