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Author Topic: Who need help in game ? or want to be in team ,then read this  (Read 2797 times)

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Who need help in game ? or want to be in team ,then read this
« on: February 15, 2011, 12:03:41 AM »
Ok,Hi everyone ,i have Behemoth 24 level,and im bored ,completed many missions 95% of them alone (even bosses and those that 2-4 team)so im bored to play alone ,some missions would be easier to complete together ,those who have bad english (worse than mine) ,dont want to play alone ,or want help /information etc i can help,playing less than 2 weeks but already know many basic things ,tryed today to play as all free archetypes ,so i can help you to choose if you want .

to get my help you need few things

1) english knowledge (basic)
2)i have time zone GMT +02.00 ,so better would be if you time zone is GMT + 01.00 ,02.00, 03.00 , - 01.00 ,02.00 , 03.00 (can be different ,but it would be a little problem)

so again ,i can help you with bosses ,missions ,explain some things ,dont be shy and always ask ,me if you need something

maybe in future would create supergoup,worked in team as leader already ,so its easy if you have good tactic ,in my option good tactic is better than just attacking ,well everyone have their own option ,thank you for reading this .

waiting for replies
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