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Happy 2021 !!!

Author Topic: And the winner of the 'Not Having A' Lifetime Achievement Award is....  (Read 2133 times)

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I win.

You can all hold your heads up high and shake them derisively at my sad, sad obsession and excess of free time spent.  on.  this.  game.

Click the thumb for a full-size lineup of fiddy fiddies.  I've had tremendous fun through the years playing with everyone and I'm still not tired of it.  Heh.  A big thank you to EVERYONE I've played with.   :)

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I have six?

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Haha.  I have 1 and then I stopped playing.

Congratz?  That is quiet an achievement.

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And that's BEFORE Going Rogue, folks!

Let us know when you hit 100!

Should be a couple of months after GR goes live, right?

Anyway, congrats!

Xenolith, I had the same thing happen.  Got one fifty and started to lose interest.  I haven't decided whether to bounce back over when GR goes live, or stick with Star Trek Online.  I really don't care about Pretoria one way or the other but I would like to flip some of my existing villains.
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That's a great pic, Mikey. I showed it to the wife and she got a kick out of looking at your toons.

Since we are sharing our fiddies I think I have 15 total. I'm trying to count them up in my head. I let my account lapse until Monday so I can't quite go online to check. Heh.

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Congrats, Mikey!  And an awesome pic.  How'd you do that?  :)

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Geeze & I thought I was obsessed with the game - Full geek salute :blink:

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Mikey, that is an amazing achievement!   Gratz!!

(I only have two fiddies.   :angry:   )
- Bujin

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Grats Mike!  Awesome achievement!

You're outpacing me at about a 3 to 2 clip.  I ONLY have 35....

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Looking through those characters brought back a lot of good memories.



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I will always love Ant Fu.
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Thanks everyone.  I keep finding new ways to keep it fun, whether it's finding how many merits a toon can earn by doing every available arc (somewhere around 850) or earning prestige to build a new VG (Grimm's base with TW has been fun) or trying a new way of playing (like the 'only slot lvl 30/33 IOs for exemping bonuses' practice that I'm still not sold on, heh).

FP, I took screenshots in the game or costume creator, then used teh nifty magic wand selector in my Paint Shop Pro program (same one I used to make FX in for Freedom Force, eet's ooold) to crop out everything but the toon, then pasted all the toons each to their own layer.  Had to do some resizing to get them all around the height I envisioned them, then took them all to the aquarium for a picture and we had taffy and snow cones.

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That's awesome, Mikester. I'm proud to say I recognize most of em.
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Wow! You could almost do some meaningful statistical analysis of how many of each archetype with that sample size.
Go on, what sign are you? Blaster? Tanker? I take it you've covered heroes and villains?

Congratulations, Mike!
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I'm a Brute, no question.  :D

16 Brutes
10 Corrupters
3 Dominators
2 Masterminds
1 Stalker
4 Scrappers
2 Blasters
2 Controllers
2 Defenders
1 Tank
1 Kheldian

Wasn't gonna list the toons, since I didn't know if anyone was interested/still looked in the forum.  I like lists though, so here's a list.

A good chunk of my villain toons are based on Mikaal Septus' story.  He's an alternate reality evil version of MikeB7 who conducts many experiments, often pulling different versions of MB7 and himself from their dimensions and surgically or genetically altering them for his own amusement.  It's also a way for me to cheat when trying to think of a toon idea.  ;)

Going left to right based on their heads:

Gravebone - MM Demon/Dark - a discarded name and look that was thrown together to try out demon MMs.  Turned out to be lots of fun and he played the whole way.  He was also the guy that played every arc (except for some unlockables).
Seafarer - Brute DB/WP - deleted at 50.  Love the look of dual blades and the costumes this guy had, it all meshed well...but got tired of the repetitive combos and higher level baddies resisting the lethal damage.  Arr.
Balphegor - Brute Stone/Fire
Chronotrapper - Brute NRG/Elec - Another toon hastily thrown together, this one right before free respecs were given.  Always wished I'd have come up with a better name, but he turned out to be fun, with his alien space pirate feel.
Hak Wheezy - Brute Stone/Stone - Tour bus driver and...uh...'party supplier' for Tort's 80s hair band LIXX.
Yogg-Sev - Brute Stone/Elec - YOGG!!
Yogg-Sev (Champion) - One toon couldn't contain all that was YOGG!!  This one was made to fund and earn prestige for a Sunday night themed VG for some of us to play together regularly.
Frosty Da Snowmonger - Dominator Ice/Ice
Incan - Brute Fire/Shield
Rocco Monetti (Infinity) - Brute Stone/Dark - Created to fund Brute Bowl, the AFBL's offshoot.  Later took him to 50 just for the challenge of making the endurance-heavy stone/dark thing work.
Unt-Sev - Corrupter Ice/Dark - Sibling of YOGG!!
Threadspinner - VEAT widow - deleted her for the slot
Candy Butcher - Corrupter Dark/Rad - Circus Infamous toon, concept by Tort
Lil Bram the Batboy - Corrupter Sonic/Dark - Circus Infamous toon
Zombie Fire Teaser - Corrupter Fire/Dark - Circus Infamous toon.  The original Fire Teaser wasn't fun, so I deleted him.  Storywise, he disappeared with rumour being Funeral-Pyre's clown ate him.
Ascesis - Corrupter Archery/Kinetics
Operative Rustbucket - VEAT melee crab - The character of Daddy Longlegs (below) continued his career as he aged and his powers waned.  He joined Arachnos, but he'd made so many enemies he was given a defective Spider suit, rusted and melee only.
Angry Smirk - Corrupter Ice/Rad - For the Sunday night toy-themed VG.  He was fun, so I moved him to Freedom to finish his career after the VG died out.
Daddy Longlegs - Brute Stone/NRG - My first villain 50.  Loved stone melee, haven't played /nrg since.  :P  deleted for the slot
Madame Olaru - VEAT Fortunata
Operative Gallows - VEAT Bane
Baron Magnifico - VEAT Fortunata - rolled another for the final sunday night group because Forts were so fun and great team buffs.
Drake Burlyblood - Brute Axe/WP - Dirk's evil twin!  ooOOOooooo...
Astronut - Brute Elec/Shield - MASSIVE burst damage.  Prolly the most intimidating, crowd-clearing toon I've seen.
Mikhail Sevnik - Dominator Grav/Elec - alternate cosmonaut Mikaal Septus
Borked - Brute SS/Shield
MikensteinB7 - Brute SS/Dark - the first Mikenstein.  Moved off Freedom to remake him as /WP.
Prime Catalyst - Corrupter Rad/Thermal
Worm the Gardener - Dominator Plant/Psi - Fun toon.  The former hero Bioguard who mouthed off to Septus, so he was radically mutated and lobotomized to serve as Septus' lowly gardener.  Leveled with Pyre's Penny Poison and was NOT in love with her!
Ilsa St. Peakum - Corrupter Fire/Kin - It got to the point that I began creating anagram alternates of Septus, heh.
Mikenstein - Brute SS/WP - Tha Big Dawg.
Lukas Taspemi - VEAT wolf/bane - another Septus anagram, trains the results of Septus' experiments
Mikaal Septus - Corrupter NRG/Rad - Many, many toons from his concept.  whee!
Silas Pumatek - Stalker Claws/Ninjitsu - another Septus anagram
Septivus - Brute Elec/Elec - Septus alternate, not all that right in the head
MEKv7 - Mastermind Robots/Traps - Robotic MikeB7 alternate
Stress Point - Brute NRG/WP
Doc Freaky - Corrupter Elec/Pain - Doctor who looks after Septus' experiments
Jimmy Snags - Scrapper Spines/Elec - old toon designed for me by Spud, resurrected when I wanted to play spines heroside.
Crystal Belle - Blaster Ice/Elec - chipper heroine who ran with Tort's Bravebird
Zielus - Defender Rad/Dark
AntFu - Scrapper Dark Melee/Regen - FUUUUUUU!!!
Soulshriek - Scrapper Katana/SR - When I saw Tort's '70s-themed California Hustle, I HAD to create someone to get in on some of that action, it was just too cool.  I had the name on another toon I didn't like, so instead of spending time coming up with something good, I used that and got to leveling, hoping Tort would let me glom on to the concept.  He did.  :D
MikeB7 - Blaster NRG/NRG - Main hero, my avatar.  Ran with Spud thru a lot of the game, then we hooked up with Top/Pyre/Camma/Beau for SIMULDING!
Dirk Burlyblood - Tank Axe/WP - He's a lumberjack and he's ok.
Dash Cosmic - Peacebringer - Old-time pulp movie serial character brought to life with many other characters in a villain's ploy to take over the city.  After the villain was defeated, all the characters except Dash dissolved, leaving this imaginary character in the real world.  He was fun theme-wise.
Boo-Boo - Defender Empathy/Rad - He's Boo-Boo!!
Mood Indigo - Scrapper DB/WP - costume designed by Verfall
Shard Walker - Controller Fire/Kin
OpticNerve - Controller Illusion/FF - ran with PreRaphaelite and Middy often.  Strange things happened.  :)

Eh - looking at the preview, the bold names didn't help like I thought it would.  Meh, I'm not gonna go back and change it all.  :P
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 :lol: You have as many fiddies VEATs as I have fiddies total...

That group shot is awesome.

Marmeille is the wisest cat ever, EVER!!!
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Holy Crap! I've got a Daddy Longlegs toon as well! Crab Spider, though - obvious choice.

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I will forever have a soft spot for OpticNerve.

<3 Mikey :D