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Happy 2021 !!!

Author Topic: Welcome to the Cybernetic Arms Apartments  (Read 29767 times)

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Re: Welcome to the Cybernetic Arms Apartments
« Reply #180 on: March 23, 2012, 11:52:50 PM »
:xstream This is crazy! I keep feeling those time displacements!

:nightdragon2 And the building has stopped rampaging....

:glitch: What is going on!?

:glitchcat Meowwwww.... :huh:

:xstream Maybe we have saved the day already?

:xstream Does this mean that I can go get my pizza? I can call D'Angelo's and reserve us a table?  :thumbup:

:glitch: But what stopped the building?

RUMBLE! CRASH! Just them the building collapses!

:glitch: My apartment!

:xstream For the record, it was already moving before I got here....

:xstream *Blasts XStream in the back!*  :angry:

:xstream Five!

:xstream Too harsh man!

:streamclone :angry: Finally! Someone with som-

:xstream *Blasts XStream Clone*
:xstream I have wanted to do that for a long time.  <_<

:nightdragon2 What is going on!?

:xstream Just cleaning up the situation. *Looks to Five* Let's get them out of here before we get any more attention than we have already received.

:xstream Dude, we have been fighting each other around a moving apartment building. I think we have as much attention as we are going to get.

:xstream *Communicator Beeps*
Yes, One?

:xstream Four, get our guests over here. I can see you guys on Channel 5! And tell Three that I saw him on Channel 3 talking about how much he enjoyed the last Harry Potter Movie.  :angry:

:glitch: We are not going to just let you fly off with X.

:xstream Try and stop us.  :angry:

:xstream Listen, I can't discuss this right now. But I have got to get him out of here.
:xstream *Looks at Five* And I will make sure that he is not harmed.

:xstream *To Five* I think he just put you in your place...

:xstream I could take you both with both of my arms ripped off, and a kidney missing.

:xstream Dude, you need help....
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