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Author Topic: Hardcases, Scarecrows, Cartoon Supermen, and Silly Stuff at Character Obscura 3  (Read 1055 times)

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An odd assortment of characters now at CO3.

First, There is the Ultraverse character Hardcase, complete with a scoped mesh by Laughing Paradox. Tough, strong, and resourceful, he is a fantastic addition to any Freedom Force campaign.

Then we have The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, just in time for Income Tax season. What dark secret does the vicar of Dymchurch have? Easier to ask what secrets he DOESN'T have. Anyway, If you've ever seen the movie or read the books, here is the Demon of the Marsh: The Scarecrow. Period weapons are provided with the kind permission of Atomic Robot.

Then we have a cartoon Superman. Based on our own Kirk Allyn Superman skin, this is an attempt to create the cartoon version that did the flying in the serial.

Lastly, we have some silly stuff: J'onn S'mithh, the Manhuner from Nepture. This is a character that has never been asked for, but we are presenting it anyway. His powers and abilities are up to you, since the character may not exist anyway.

Get 'em now at:
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