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Author Topic: Voice Actors: Where Credit Is Due.  (Read 1525 times)

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Voice Actors: Where Credit Is Due.
« on: December 23, 2008, 01:36:42 PM »
Among our small community there have been many of us who created our own voice packs. While we just had our sound card, some editing equipment, and a microphone.. many great actors have played the voices of superheroes over the years. Now since Sledge and I have been making voice packs from X-Men Legends I & II, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and BentonGrey is adding the cast from the DC Animated cartoons I figured we should make a huge cast list of who's who in Voice Actor Land. It would seem fair would it not? I'm sure the games they did their original work for are quite memorable among comic fans but so much of their talent goes unnoticed because there is no face to attach to the name on the credits.

So, Below is going to be our credit list of actors who donated their time to voice acting and a few characters they provided their voice for. If their work is used in a voice pack then it will be marked with a (*) and a footnote for where that pack is located.

I plan on adding characters as I get to them on my list here.. so this list will constantly be updated and bumped as I add more people to it. If you have anything to add or say feel free to comment to my thread here and it will be responded to as promptly as possible.

    Actor                     Comic Game Character(s)              Other Character(s) Known For..             
Ad Asner                        Morlock Healer (XML1)                  Granny Goodness (JL, JLU, Superman:TAS)
                                                                                    Hudson (Gargoyles)
                                                                                    J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man:TAS)
                                                                                    Roland Dagget (Batman:TAS)

Leigh Allen Baker             Jean Grey* (XML1, XML2)               Ellen (Will & Grace)
                                                                                    Maureen (In Case Of Emergency)
                                                                                    Crewman Juliet Jurot (ST: Elite Force Games)

Dee Bradley Baker            Nightcrawler* (XML1, XML2, MUA)   Klaus The Fish (American Dad)
                                    Multiple Man (XML1)                     Joe (Viewtiful Joe Games)
                                                                                    Cinderblock (Teen Titans)
                                                                                    Blockbuster (Justice League)

Steven Blum                   Wolverine* (XML1, XML2, MUA)       Cliff Hudson/Roger Hall (Dead Rising Game)     
                                    Omega Red (XML2)                       Stormtrooper (Star Wars:Empire At War Game)
                                    White Martian Leader (JLH)            Psi G-Man* (Destroy All Humans! Game)
                                    Jason Stryker (XMTOG)                 Jamie (Megas XLR)
                                    Bullseye (The Punisher)                 Yamaki (Digimon:Digital Monsters)
                                    Violator (Spawn:Armageddon Game) Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop Movie)

Earl Boen                        Colossus* (XML1)                         Dr. Peter Silberman (The Terminator Movies)
                                                                                    Taurus (G.I. Joe:The Movie)
                                                                                    Colossus (Pryde Of The X-Men)
                                                                                     Rhino (Batman:TAS)
                                                                                     Red Skull (Spider-Man:TAS)
                                                                                     Rex (Toy Story 2)

Cheryl Carter                  Storm (XML1)                              Congresswoman Haas (The West Wing)
                                                                   .                Field Reporter Sarah Ehret (The Practice)
                                                                                    Charlene (Doctor Detriot)
                                                                                    Tanya (Night Shift)

Grey Delisle                     Mystique (XML1)                         The Wasp (Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2)
                                    Young Jason Stryker (XMTOG)        Samantha "Sam" Manson (Danny Phantom)
                                    Classic Invisible Woman (FF:Game)  Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown)
                                    Young Bishop (XML1)                    Mandy (The Grim Adven. of Billy & Mandy)

John DiMaggio                 Juggernaut* (XML1, XML2, XMND)   Bender (Futurama)
                                    Redeemer (Spawn:Armageddon)     Brother Blood (Teen Titans)
                                    Rhino (Spider-Man 2 Game)           General Grievous (Star Wars: Clone Wars)
                                    Destroyer (Incred. Hulk: Ult Des.)   Dreamslayer (Justice League)

Robin Atkins Downes         Cyclops (XML1, XMND, X2WR)       General Hadley (Resistance: Fall of Man) 
                                    Pyro (XML1, XMND)                     Gentleman Ghost (Justice League)
                                    Classic Mr. Fantastic (FF:Game)     Beaver (Open Season) 
                                    Sabretooth (XMTOG)                    Merovingian (The Matrix:Path Of Neo Game)
                                    Snowblind (The Punisher)              Byron (Babylon 5)
                                    Stillwell (The Punisher)
                                    Dark Cyclops (MUA)
                                    Dr. Bruce Banner (MUA)
                                    Crimson Dynamo (MUA)

Dwight Schultz                Garok (XML2)                              Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock (A-Team)
                                    The Living Monolith (XML2)            Lt. Reginald 'Reg' Barclay III (Star Trek:TNG)
                                    Magneto (XMTOG)                       Vulture (Spider-Man:TAS)
                                                                                    Odin (Ultimate Avengers 2)

Patrick Stewart               Professor X* (XML1, XML2, XMTOG) Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek:TNG)
                                                                                    Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men Movies)


- CrimsonQuill

P.S. Anyone know the code for this forum of how to link a name with a picture on a html somewhere like IMDB or elsewhere?
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