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Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by windblown on Today at 07:10:19 PM »
Lots of great stuff here! I especailly love the animals/dinosaurs imports, I'm pretty excited of the possibility of importing keyframes from those other games too, great news! :)

Also I'm glad to see that you've found a skinning partner on Dean for the Saturday Morning project, working with Podmark on the New X-men was the best part of FF modding for me and it was very motivating, as it was doing X-force with Death Jester or Generation X with Murs. I hope that both of you keep your collaborations going!
Comics / Re: The Marvel Thread
« Last post by Silver Shocker on Today at 04:37:59 PM »
ASM revisiting Sins Past and OMD - the most unfortunate thing about it (other than that Spencer's run has been horribly dragged out and bloated with overpriced one-shots) is that it is too little too late. I haven't checked on sites that have actual people, I'll admit, but this would have blown the barn doors off a good 5+ years ago, now it's more like "Oh they finally did it? Good for them. Ben Reilly and high tech stuff again next run, sure, why not? House of Ideas, am I right?"
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by Randomdays on Today at 01:34:22 PM »
Those are the original files - Camelot uses nifs for creatures and map items. I haven't done anything except extract the files from the data packs.

It looks like none of the original nifs I checked had mapping done, which is strange since they're obviously mapped in game. I'll check some more to see if I'm wrong on that.

Instead of kfs though, it uses some unique "kfa" files I can't find much information on.

I haven't see any problem in game when testing the keyframe imports. I had sent the first one over to Windblown to see if he could get it working (he did) so I think he would have noticed anything odd about them. You ought to download a few and take a look. Examples - The mud crab is from Oblivion, the scorpion from Civ4, the dinosaurs from Wildlife Park 2, and the Barbarian from EE3.

For all the map items I might be adding, I'll use existing ff items like a tree or something for a base. For the car I'm going to see if I have any better luck with the FFvt3R ant and see if I can make that work.

Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by SickAlice on Today at 10:22:38 AM »
The cool thing is your keyframe exporting does work, I think anyways. That's big to me. As far as buggy goes I would have transposed it on an already existing car to snag it's animations. I know you can copy a typical keyframe to climbing as well with some adjustment, I think to the rotation. It's been a long time since I did that. Else I already looked at the Camelot textures. They're off but fixable. Do you have the original files so I can look at them and see what's missing? Generally it's either and/or the position needs to be fixed, texture needs to be flipped. I'm looking at the cyclops though and don't have the original mapping to work against.
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by Randomdays on Today at 10:00:54 AM »
Good information SA. I'll try fooling around with them this weekend.

The Spider mobile is basically just a bunch of meshes thrown together as a static object. Tommyboy's Spider-man was posed in edit mode using its vertex groups, and then, since I was trying to get the ant to work, stripped of its armature and groups.

But with the FF ant a least, just importing it alone and exporting it back out in Blender - with no changes made - breaks it and stops animation. Its the only set of kfs I can think of that rotates 90 degrees with wall climb.

Adding the car pieces to the ant nif in niskope would probably work, but there's so many parts to it it would probably take quite a while to do.

Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by SickAlice on Today at 09:49:25 AM »
Here, took some screenshots to see if I can show you what I mean. The first one is Irrationals ant_soldier, 2nd your crab file:

Normal set up in the ant. It opens with a Scene Root. Value Flag is 2= Collison Detection: Triangles. Check Skin Influence. Like your typical it has lighting effects that will be applied to everything in the scene. It also stores the main node which everything is attached to, usually that's Biped 01 (Flag: 6 type) for us. Or it's within a Handle. With 3rd Reich within a Root_NoteTrack set. Inside the Scene Root are also buffer properties/vertex color, so on. A weapon node is in there that the game accounts for maybe some Omni lighting. The Scene Root tree structure is important in other words, the game checks for this. Meshes are typically stored within a node. You see the ant Editable_Mesh stores within a NiNode (Flag:2 type). These types are important and it matters that they're specific. Editable_mesh is weighted thus contains the bone info inside it, you know this. It doesn't have to be. Dropping a static model into a bone node in Nifskope will assign that bone data to the model, it will have that data in it if you look in the block details. Else in block details you have the pick-ups. Collision detection, important because that's how the scene and object within the scene interacts with the rest of the game. Else it would just be in space somewhere. So on, you know all this stuff.

And then there's this crab nif. See compared to above? However Blender spit this one out it isn't right. No Scene Root for starters. Instead a NiNode (crab3, naming conventions are important since the game looks for them) with a 12 type flag, Collision Detection is set to Bounding Box. It's telling the game and CTool to look for that bounding box which isn't there. No directory tree nor essential values since there's no Scene Root. No furniture again. No main node either, instead there's this c_crabyellow_ca1slash which is apparently a keyframe track? Inside it where the biped structure should be but instead there's static models (I highlighted what is the crab Body model) just dropped in and the bone nodes are inside of them instead of the other way around? In some of the others there's a node named for the bone node that isn't a bone at all with the model dropped inside that (static, connected to nothing) with the bone inside of it and something multiple times. Same name btw and as in the animations so the animation would if it could see multiple instances of the same string. And then all of them, everyone is inside one static model, the Body. Not actually a node but stuck inside one 3d mesh. You know that doesn't work. None of this does.

So what you need to do is copy and paste and rebuild this thing so it's set up proper. I suggest using a donor at least for Scene Root and go from there. There's no reason I can think of the armature of the crab (or spider later) can't just as well be brought over so long as the tree structure is correct (it would take the place of the Bipeds of course). I also do suggest renaming all this stuff to be something more commonly used, likewise match the keyframes. So sure I think it can be used. Can you export from Blender and it "just works"? No. You need to use your normal method of working with Skope and adding the missing settings and such, in this case pretty much rebuild it all. That's where the issue is, it's not the kf's, it's the nifs. So if it's a consolation you're keyframe export method works, I think you just have to highlight everything before export and change a setting or two after. It worked for me which also means you answered the question I asked in at the start of this exercise and I'm going to experiment with that this season now. It's the nif that's actually junk in the case of these models and needs to be fixed.

Otherwise I got the Camelot files, will take a look at them. Also on Spider-buggy the KITT I sent you from KR2 ironically has the animations you're looking for if it was set-up right. Funny that you bring it up since I've been thinking about it.

Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by SickAlice on Today at 08:54:43 AM »
It's close enough to release I can spoil I guess. Tiger Claw is a model imported in rather than making my own for getting the look right. I'm adding the mechanical arm though. So it left me having to work in his jetpack, two guns, a rifle and a sword then the weapons the arm turns into as well. Also had to make the new arm and body parts from scratch. More than for fans I'm also working which has been a goal lately to make it open for skopers/skinners to have a lot of new options they can swipe for whatever project.

Spider-mobile looks great, I expected no less from you.

To be clear weight painting is a long shot. It's more that there's no data at all in the models connecting them to the bones. Like if you took a model and dropped it in the Scene Root, it would just hang out and not respond to the animations. So my direction would be rigging it using Nifskope to make it closer to this games required structure. As it is it isn't a 3rd Reich nif, not at least past a static object and this games limited engine as the first is very fickle in that it does checksums for specific things. If they aren't there, if the values are off a hair (example: main biped changes size momentarily results in freezing in game) or are properties this version of the engine doesn't utilize it will be a no go. It's why I always check everything in game, especially the new animation exactly. So you don't need to weight paint exactly as much as find a way to assign the models to their nodes. As it is the models have no data in them that I can see.

All in all this is what wings me around to updating the engine itself, making an new one that's more flexible. But that's not a solo project of course and I'm not that level of a programmer. Likewise where FFX is the workaround since you can tweek existing settings, again frustrating for me it doesn't install on 10 x64.
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by Randomdays on September 15, 2021, 11:00:09 PM »
The Spider- Mobile is basically finished. Added transparency to the front and rear headlights, added some basic skins to make it look more like the classic car.

Just under 20K vertexes total, but since its made of many parts and has no animation or vertex groups, doesn't seem to lag in game.

Spider-man mesh/skin from Tommyboy's Spider-man TVLite. Its a male basic skin so any male basic should work on it.

I tried to get it to work with the ant kfs so it would look like it was riding up a wall with the wall climbing ability, but couldn't get it to respond to the kfs.

If anyone wants to work on it - tweak the skin, add web cannons to the headlights, get it to wall climb, please hop on board.

Uploaded to the mega site in the 'other' folder.


Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: Possible Projects Interest
« Last post by Randomdays on September 15, 2021, 09:51:32 PM »
Update on the Camelot files - tried again on the two nifs - cyclops and ettin - converted the nif to obj in Blender, loaded the obj in milkshape, assigned the texture, exported the obj back out, loaded the obj in Blender - skin not properly set up to match the mesh.

But....tried the process above with 3 different meshes - a basilisk, a cockatrice, and a crab - process worked perfectly and skins look good on the mesh.

Not sure what the problem is for the 1st two, unless the models are wrong for the skins, or I just got unlucky in picking two difficult sets first.
Skins / Re: DJ's Den
« Last post by Randomdays on September 15, 2021, 09:20:11 PM »
These are excellent and a fine tribute to Daglob, Sorry to hear you're retiring again, but thanks for the new, obscure heroes and villains.
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