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Title: A few specific questions about particle emitters/systems
Post by: SickAlice on January 13, 2021, 10:37:08 PM
There's a lot on settings these things up online but I can't find much in the way of specific values. I could have put this in General but figure FX'rs work with them the most, thanks for all the hard work on those BTW.

- What and where are specific values? My understanding and correct me if I'm wrong is there are values like Time, "Size" (?), Speed, Direction, Distance (Size?), so on. Where do I find them and what value does what?

- Related to above I have read in many places a stable particle can be made. By this I mean one that does not animated or flicker in and out rather it is just static and stays as is. My understanding is this method is used to make fur/hair with particles?

- Do particles have mesh models (Poly, Editable Mesh) or is this an either/or situation? I've looked at nifs that do not seem to have any 3d data attached to particles but maybe I'm missing it. I've looked at some and seen a tiny 3d box model that usually remains hidden. In one instance, Irrationals Bacchite for 3rd Reich has the aforementioned 3d box somehow built into the main body model and the particle effect then track rots with the body itself. Wondering what the specifics are here.

Thanks for anyone that helps. This is an area I've been shy with for years and wanting to learn more. It seems like much can be done in capturing visuals just using this if one has the right knowhow.