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Title: Cleanup needed
Post by: Lunarkys on November 03, 2011, 09:56:43 PM
Hey guys and gals.

First post I believe.

Absolutely LOVE FF(vtr as it's the only one I have) and have recently started getting back into it.

In my early years though it seems I had over complicated things concerning mods etc and it seems to need a cleanup!

I wish to possibly reinstall FFX3 as I think my version had crashing issues with group teleport or something, and EZFX6 as I never obtained it.

Now I bought FFVTR on digital jesters and I believe I found the installer but would be worried to uninstall and find out it wont work for some odd reason/needs the net to install,(my mobile is my only net connection)

I also (foolishly?) installed it to my external drive, so all mesh,skins etc are seperately on C:/ question is;

What files are definately needed for for ffx and ffvtr, as I have multiple ffx copies in seperate folders :-\ ? And is it /better to just uninstall everything except meshes etc and start again all on C:/?

Oh and I also have Vista! Go me!...

Apologies for extremely long winded post and I did check tutorials etc but some links are broken.
Title: Re: Cleanup needed
Post by: Previsionary on November 03, 2011, 10:35:57 PM
Bottom, working up.

1. Depending on which version of Vista you have, it being your OS won't be a problem.

2. FFX, all the files it needs are installed in their individual folders. The latest version is FFX 3.3 for FFvTTR. Uninstalling the main game will not affect FFX. As for FFvTTR, the game will not erase any of your saved games, meshes, or extra content unless you check the option for it to do so when you uninstall.

3. Digital Jester installations provide their own set of problem in regards to mods and extra content, but I don't know if they ever attempted to clean that up. For your sake, I hope they did.

4. My suggestion would be to do a full clean install (outside of extra content) and build on top of that. I'd make an effort to keep the latest version of FFX you have safe as the MAIN site to download that add-on is down and may not be back up anytime soon.
Title: Re: Cleanup needed
Post by: Lunarkys on November 03, 2011, 11:46:58 PM
Ah 1 & 3 are prob what caused me problems before! I always assumed my random crashes/pinkness etc were Vista related but perhaps they were DJ related? :O  (I did find many fixes for anything that did go crazy though for the life of me I cannot remember..)

Good to know it wont remove savegames etc cheers!

And I only got the DJ as I couldn't find a disc copy :-(

Really? I recently re-dl'd and sure it was from the FFX site? I'm prob wrong tho  :wacko: 3.3?

Thanks for the advice!

Oh yea, what about the external issue? Would the game run faster if on the standard drive?
 I originally did it for space but only found out the hero directory would be on the standard afterward.

Yep FFX sites ok,well the one I always assumed was the official (newer). The main page is throwing an error but the sub pages are fine.