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Title: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: Trelau on August 29, 2010, 05:09:14 PM
I realise this part of the forum has been dead for about a year, but i though i'd try to ask:
I recently found a website selling unsold DC Heroclix miniatuures for what seems to be a reasonable price (0.40 to 0.60 US $ for common/uncommon, 3.50 for a rare) and i'm toying with the idea of buying some. Problem: i can't seem to find good pictures of them, or the rules forthat matter...

So, if there are any players left, i'd like to ask a few questions:
_Is the game system interesting? How long does a "regular" game last, and much is the replayability (how fast does it becomes boring)

_How good are the miniatures? Since i'm mostly interested in collecting (i've got a spot on my shelf just waiting to be filled) that's the key point: do they make fun/good looking diorama?

_I see they are multiple version of the same character (experienced, veteran, etc...): are the miniatures the same for all levels? someone told me there were variation for some characters (different colored auras and such). If i buy only one version, wich is the more interesting? I mean, even i don't intend to play much, are there ranks that are better or useless? For example the veteran version of batman could have the truest caracteristics corresponding to the spirit of the character but be too expensive in cost and unplayable, or the rookie version of him could be tasteless.

Finally: i'm mostly gonna buy individual miniatures, but i saw one edition that was only sold in boosters, "Batman Game". The website say there always one batman miniature + two random minaiture and a random part of the gotham map. Is the map worth buying a few booster or it just a marketing trick?

I'm probably overthinking this, but if anyone stumble upon this thread, any insight from players would be much appreciated (even if it's not dirrectly about what i was talking)

PS: i'm definitely putting 80$ aside to buy the colossal Dr Manhanttan Watchmen Heroclix that comes out in september.
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: lugaru on August 31, 2010, 03:14:52 AM
Got into it briefly, maybe played 10 games but dropped a lot on clix. It is not that deep and not that simple either. I would be interested in playing with the new clix... they look better and have more game play elements, but I doubt any of my friends are all that interested.
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: cripp12 on August 31, 2010, 03:26:09 PM
Go to the download section for the rules and check out the Gallery.

great website for clix

I am strictly a collector. My Shelf is full and cool looking. I also have stuff in boxes.
I have played a few times with my kids. There are to ways to play. Dumb down or full out powers.
The new clix do not have 3 versions any longer. More diversity now. I think the different levels are all true to the character at one point in time. You use the one that you can fit on a team of lets say 100 or 300 points.
I think maps are worth it just for diversity. It gets boring being on the same map. I will be getting the new Web of spiderman brick for the mail away.
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: Trelau on September 02, 2010, 12:52:25 PM
Well thanks for sharing your  thougths  on the game (on for the link to the rules, very helpful)
So i took a leap and bought about 50 miniatures, plus a "Map Pack" and the new Blackest Night starter set.
I should receive this in two days, just in time for a first-play week-end. I'll let you know how much i like it (or dislike it)
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: steamteck on October 06, 2010, 01:15:52 PM
MY 13 year old son and I play regularly. As does he with his friends. We use the heroscape  3d  modular maps instead of the flat ones and have about 3 pages of house rules though.
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: cripp12 on October 06, 2010, 02:06:25 PM
Damn you cosmic spiderman.  I will have you one day. :banghead:
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: Trelau on October 06, 2010, 02:49:43 PM
Oh yeah i completely forgot to "conclude" this:
_the miniatures are generally good looking, except the faces of some from the older expansion
_the maps are ugly. i'm used to quality 2D map from Dungeon and Dragons Miniatures, those really look great, but the heroclix one are really ugly. the 3D props are good though.
_the system of 3 profile for the same miniature makes me confident i'll never buy randomised boosters (a different colored ring on the base is not enough to convince to buy three time the same character). Brave and the Bold actually changed that: instead of having 3x "league assasin" with rookie, expereinced and veteran level, they now changes the names (chief assasin, apprentice assin,...) and do a quick recolo of the miniature. It's still 3 time the same mold, but at least they have different colors
_The games mechanics are a little too simplistic for my taste, but with a few house rules you can really have fun (first order: only 1 exemplar of the same character. no more teams of 3 batmans and 2 other-batman-but-cheaper)

All in all, i'm quite please with the game and the miniature, but i would definitely recommand looking in maps from another game (the heroscape idea seems good, i didn't though of that) to make the battle more enjoyable.
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: Cyber Burn on October 07, 2010, 01:44:42 AM
I could never get into the game play (too busy doing  :ff:, :ffvstr:, and Yugioh), but I really wanted to start collecting. Now that I don't play Yugioh anymore, hopefully I can give this a try.
Title: Re: DC Heroclix: is it worth it?
Post by: SHAUNIE on October 07, 2010, 05:57:08 AM
Yu-Gi-Oh! is pretty fun. HeroClix is fun! If you can find someplace where tournaments happen, its pretty interesting. The people who do play HeroClix are usually very friendly and when you are getting started, people usually don't hesitate to pour you lots of doubles and extras to get started... but if you have some friends to play with regularly, its a lot better. Be careful, once you get that first good pack, it gets addictive...  :ph34r: