Enter Freedom Reborn

We are aware that something's wrong with the site: I have put a trouble ticket in and am waiting for a response. Will keep you all posted as I learn things.
-Glitch Girl 8:50am CST 11/18/2013

According to our hosts, we're out of database space. I am seeing what our options are.
-Glitch Girl 8:56am CST 11/18/2013

I allocated more space to the offending database, and my fix is currently under review. Fingers crossed
-Glitch Girl 9:53am CST 11/18/2013

Just got off the line with tech support. It's not the database, it may be a bot attack. They're looking into it. Hopefully will be hearing something by tomorrow morning if not before.
-Glitch Girl 7:39pm CST 11/18/2013

We appear to be back up. I'm gonna leave this up another day or two just in case, but otherwise, welcome back y'all!
-Glitch Girl 2:41pm CST 11/19/2013